Who was Mildred Elley and why was she important?

Who was Mildred Elley and why was she important?

Mildred Elley was founded in 1917 by Mrs. Agusta Mildred Elley when World War I created a shortage of office workers in the Capital District. Mrs. Elley taught typing and shorthand to women in her home at 245 Quail Street in Albany, New York.

How long is the LPN program at Mildred Elley?

1200 clock hours

Is LPN or Medical Assistant better?

Because LPNs are licensed nurses, they typically earn higher salaries than medical assistants. Medical assistants have an average salary of $15.63 per hour, while LPNs earn an average salary of $26.33 per hour. LPNs also tend to have more opportunities to earn additional income through overtime shifts.

What is Sherwin Williams slogan?

“What is worth doing, is worth doing well.” In keeping true to this motto, today, Sherwin-Williams is a leader in the manufacture, development, distribution and sale of paint, coatings and related products to professional, industrial and commercial customers across the globe.

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How can I get a discount at Sherwin Williams?

9 Clever ways to save money on Sherwin Williams paint

  1. Buy Sherwin Williams paint when it’s on sale.
  2. Join their loyalty program.
  3. Use an online paint calculator.
  4. Paint Samples.
  5. Use a tinted primer.
  6. Leverage their Military discount.
  7. Use Promar 200 line (for contractors)
  8. Use 5 gallon buckets when possible.

What type of Sherwin Williams Paint is best?

Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex

Why is Sherwin Williams paint so expensive?

SW is expensive because it’s a premium paint manufacturer, SW along with Ben Moore are the only two brands of paint I’ll use since their consistency, coverage, durability and warranty leave little to be desired.

How much discount do painters get at Sherwin Williams?

15% Off List Price on Painting Supplies* From brushes to painter tools and supplies, you can save 15% off your painting supplies needs every day!