Who started Sunrise Senior Living?

Who started Sunrise Senior Living?

Paul Klaassen

Does revera own Extendicare?

MARKHAM, ONTARIO – Extendicare Inc. (“Extendicare” or the “Company”) (TSX: EXE) is pleased to announce that the Company has completed the acquisition of the Revera Home Health business from Revera Inc. (the “Vendor”), for $83 million in cash, before working capital adjustments (the “Transaction”).

Does Mike Harris own a nursing home?

In a sad, twisted irony, Mike Harris could reap further benefits from any expanded home care privatization. He and his wife started a private home-care franchise in Toronto in 2012.

How much does Mike Harris make as chair of Chartwell?

Meanwhile the Chair of the Chartwell Board, former Premier Mike Harris earns $237,000.00 annually – for a part-time job.

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What boards does Mike Harris sit on?

Mr. Harris also sits on the advisory boards of several private equity funds including EnerTech and Beringer Capital. He received his ICD.

How old is Mike Harris?

76 years (January 23, 1945)

Who is the CEO of Chartwell homes?

Vlad Volodarski

Who is the chairman of Chartwell?

Michael Harris

How many employees does Chartwell have?

15,300 employees

Who are the directors of Chartwell?

Meet Our Team

  • Noelle Jones. Managing Director. Noelle Jones.
  • Rohan Slabbert. Director of Operations. Rohan Slabbert.
  • Sue Accorsi. Head of Operations.
  • Denis Verrier. Head of Operations.
  • Graham Ogden. Executive Chef.
  • Kathryn Pell-Walpole. Partnership Director.
  • Dean Parsons. Culinary Business Director.
  • Jason Bendell. Strategic Business Partner.

Who is the CEO of Compass?

Robert Reffkin

What companies are owned by Compass Group?

Whatever the setting – workplace, education, health care, or sporting event – Compass Group provides an abundance of innovation, selection, and quality.

  • Balance Kitchen.
  • Chef Jet.
  • Simply Puur.
  • CrEATe.
  • Mondo.
  • Sono.
  • Outtakes.
  • BYOB/Grill Nation.

Who is on the board of Compass Group?

Dominic Blakemore Appointment: Joined the Board in February 2012. Dominic previously held the roles of Group Finance Director and Group Chief Operating Officer, Europe. In October 2017, Dominic was appointed Deputy Group CEO. He assumed the role of Group CEO in January 2018.