Who must pay Arizona income tax?

Who must pay Arizona income tax?

Income Tax Filing Requirements

Individuals must file if they are: AND gross income is more than:
Single $12,400
Married filing joint $24,800
Married filing separate $12,400
Head of household $18,650

How much do you have to make in Arizona to file taxes?

According to the Arizona Department of Revenue, individuals with an adjusted gross income of at least $5,500 must file taxes, and an Arizona resident is subject to tax on all income, including from other states.

What kind of taxes do you pay in Arizona?

Arizona income taxes Like the federal government, Arizona imposes a progressive state income tax based on tax brackets. For the 2019 tax year and after, personal income tax rates range from 2.59% to 4.5%, with people in higher brackets paying higher rates.

What day does Arizona deposit tax refunds?

If you e-File and choose direct deposit, you can expect your refund within 10 days of the date you filed. If you filed a paper return, expect your refund within 12 weeks of the date you filed. Refund status can be obtained by using the automated phone system. Call (602) 255-3381 or toll-free 1-800-352-4090.

How much is federal tax in Arizona?

Filing as a single person in Arizona, you will get taxed at a rate of 2.59% on your first $26,500 of taxable income; 3.34% up to $53,000; 4.17% up to $159,000; and 4.50% on income beyond $159,000. Note that these are marginal tax rates, so the rate in question only applies to the income that falls within that bracket.

What is the Arizona tax rate for 2020?

Key Changes to 2020 Tax Year Individual Income Tax Returns

Single or Married Filing Separate Rate Rate
$0 – $27,272 2.59% 2.59%
$27,273 – $54,544 3.34% 3.34%
$54,545- $163,632 4.17% 4.17%
$163,633 and over 4.50% 4.50%

What is the Arizona state tax rate for 2020?

Arizona state income tax rate table for the 2020 – 2021 filing season has four income tax brackets with AZ tax rates of 2.59%, 3.34%, 4.17%, and 4.50% for Single, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, and Head of Household statuses.

Does Arizona have a capital gains tax?

AK, FL, NV, NH, SD, TN, TX, WA, and WY have no state capital gains tax….State Capital Gains Tax Rates.

Rank 38
State Arizona
Rates 2020 4.50%
Rates 2021 4.50%