who is the doctor ?

It’s me the doctor !

I took the service that day after 10 days of vacation. A patient goes bad and goes into what is called the ” end of life “. So imagine when he is aware of what is happening, and that, in addition to his wife is present, but is in fact a denial (not long, in fact, in one afternoon I saw him pass through the various stages : denial, sadness, anger, etc., while usually it take a week.). All this is to say that the team presents, nurse, caregiver and even the psychologist make the wish of a transfer to its hospital of origin for a referral to the care to be palliative. It is a service of recovering basis and there is not enough staff to respond and to be present as is the wish of the family, and that it is infused in PES and morphine, that he has the ascites, from which the retrievals were not successful, etc, in Short, it is necessary to transfer it. In the Face of our stubbornness, the doctor will refuse and will cry out loud and clear : “this is me, the doctor, it is me who decides. I do not ask for your opinion, you don’t have to give it to you, I am the one who decides “. In short, it is the big m****.

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Yet this same doctor would not hesitate to call us to ask us our opinion or when staff ask us what to do. Too much pressure ? Maybe. After all, he is human and he does not all the time that. But on the sudden, everybody looks at himself and finds himself as a con. I just said that I was going to take him to the constants, that after all I was a nurse and that this should enter in my skills.

Oh yes, and the patient then ? And our doctor asked another doctor to the service side and they have made the decision to transfer. So he listened to a doctor who did not know the patient and his team, who skirted the patient each day and several hours….