Which of these is an example of bioaccumulation?

Which of these is an example of bioaccumulation?

Bioaccumulation is the build-up of chemicals inside of living organisms. Examples of bioaccumulation and biomagnification include: Car emission chemicals building up in birds and other animals. Mercury building up in fish.

Which of these is an example of bioaccumulation apex?

An example of bioaccumulation is b. the mercury contained in fish builds up on animals that eat the fish. This is because bioaccumulation is defined as a steady build up over time of a chemical in a living organism.

What organisms are most affected by bioaccumulation?

This is biomagnification, and it means that higher-level predators-fish, birds, and marine mammals-build up greater and more dangerous amounts of toxic materials than animals lower on the food chain.

What is biological magnification and give its causes?

Biomagnification can be defined as the rise or increase in the contaminated substances caused by the intoxicating environment. The contaminants might be heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, and pesticides such as polychlorinated biphenyls and DDT.

What do you mean by biomagnification How does it harm?

Biomagnification means gathering various unimportant and at times harmful substances by organisms at different levels of a food chain. Furthermore, the concentration of toxic materials increases with every step up on a food chain. Ultimately, it affects humans as they sit on top of most of the food chains.

Why are apex predators most affected by bioaccumulation?

Because the amounts of POPs become more and more concentrated at each trophic level, some of the ocean’s apex predators are at risk of gaining potentially fatal levels of POPs within their bodies. One large apex predator that is heavily impacted by the bioaccumulation and biomagnification of POPs is the orca.

What is the role of the food chain in bioaccumulation?

Bioaccumulation. The most important pathway for mercury bioaccumulation is through the food chain, as illustrated in the figure below. Methylmercury biomagnifies through the food chain as predators eat other organisms and absorb the contaminants that their food sources contained./span>