Which of the following is true about hemoglobin?

Which of the following is true about hemoglobin?

Answer and Explanation: The correct option is a. each hemoglobin molecule can carry four oxygen molecules. A hemoglobin (Hb) molecule is an oligomeric conjugated and allosteric protein with heme, iron-containing porphyrin derivatives as a prosthetic group.

Which white blood cell population is found in the highest abundance and has lobed nuclei resembling a string of beads?


What happens to the heme When hemoglobin is broken down by the liver and spleen quizlet?

Old or damaged RBCs are removed from the circulation by macrophages in the spleen and liver, and the hemoglobin they contain is broken down into heme and globin. The globin protein may be recycled, or broken down further to its constituent amino acids, which may be recycled or metabolized.

Which blood type contains RBCs with surface antigen B only and plasma that contains only anti-A antibodies?

Which blood type contains RBCs with surface antigen B only and plasma that contains only anti-A antibodies? -they are usually Rh negative.

Is Anti-D given in first pregnancy?

Reviewer’s conclusions: The risk of RhD alloimmunisation during or immediately after a first pregnancy is about 1.5%. Administration of 100ug (500IU) anti-D at 28 weeks and 34 weeks gestation to women in their first pregnancy can reduce this risk to about 0.2% without, to date, any adverse effects.

Can O+ and AB+ have a baby?

In most cases, an O parent and an AB parent will have only A or B kids. It is only very rarely that they might have an AB or an O child (see the links at the end for these exceptions). Isn’t genetics fun!

Can two O blood types make AB?

Two O parents will get an O child nearly all of the time. But it is technically possible for two O-type parents to have a child with A or B blood, and maybe even AB (although this is really unlikely). In fact, a child can get almost any kind of blood type if you consider the effect of mutations.

Can 2 sisters have different blood types?

Yes, two siblings from the same parents can have different blood groups from their parents. This is because the four ABO blood groups, A, B, AB and O, arise from a child inheriting any one of each blood group gene forms (or alleles) A, B or O from each biological parent.

Is AB positive blood rare?

Just 2% of donors have AB positive blood making it one of the rarest blood types in the country.

Why is AB blood type so rare?

Same for B group people. O blood type people inherited two O genes. People with AB blood inherited an A gene from one parent and a B gene from the other. Based on the underlying number of people in the A and B blood types, the odds of that particular combination happening are simply lower than any other possibility.

What is the best diet for AB+ blood type?

He encourages eating green vegetables, eggs, certain meats, and low-fat dairy. Type AB blood: Foods to focus on include tofu, seafood, dairy, and green vegetables. He says people with type AB blood tend to have low stomach acid. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoked or cured meats.

Is coffee good for blood type AB?

Avoid: Caffeine, alcohol, whole milk, buckwheat, corn, coconut, bananas, mangoes and black tea. Starving and the gap in between meals does not suit this blood type.

What nationality has AB positive blood?

AB-positive: African-American: 4 percent. Asian: 7 percent. Caucasian: 3 percent.

What is the personality of AB blood type?

AB people are very careful while dealing with others and are empathetic. These people also have exceptional analytical and logical skills. Good personality traits: Charming, controlled, cool, dream chaser, caring, rational, trustworthy, adaptable and creative.

What Foods Should blood type AB avoid?

Those with type AB blood should eat dairy, tofu, lamb, fish, grains, fruit, and vegetables. For weight loss, tofu, seafood, green vegetables, and kelp are best but chicken, corn, buckwheat, and kidney beans should be avoided.

What is the best blood type?

Types O negative and O positive are best suited to donate red blood cells. O negative is the universal blood type, meaning that anyone can receive your blood. And O- and O+ blood are both extra special when it comes to traumas where there is no time for blood typing.

What blood types should eat?

What is Involved?

Blood Type Foods That Can Be Eaten
Type A Vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds
Type B Vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, legumes, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy
Type AB Foods on both the Type A and Type B diets are all okay, but a vegan diet is best most of the time

Is Avocado good for blood type O?

Although vegetables and fruit make up an essential part of most diets, some of them are not suitable for people with blood type O. Those to avoid include eggplant, potatoes, corn, avocado, strawberries, and blackberries.