Which of the following is the best definition of weather?

Which of the following is the best definition of weather?

noun. the state of the atmosphere with respect to wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture, pressure, etc. a strong wind or storm or strong winds and storms collectively: We’ve had some real weather this spring.

What is the definition of weather conditions?

Definitions of weather condition. noun. the atmospheric conditions that comprise the state of the atmosphere in terms of temperature and wind and clouds and precipitation.

Which of the following statements define weather?

Precipitation, humidity, temperature, pressure, cloudiness, and wind are the basic atmospheric conditions that make up the weather of a region. 3. The state of atmosphere over an area at any point of time is known as weather. It is the state of the atmosphere over short periods of time.

What is the definition of weather quizlet?

Weather is short-term changes in the atmosphere, such as changes in temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind, and precipitation. Climate is the average weather pattern of an area over a long period.

How weather and climate are related?

Whereas weather refers to short-term changes in the atmosphere, climate describes what the weather is like over a long period of time in a specific area. Different regions can have different climates. Weather tells you what to wear each day. Climate tells you what types of clothes to have in your closet.

What is difference between weather and season?

Summary of Season vs. Weather. Weather describes the daily atmospheric aspects which include temperature, humidity, precipitation, rainfall, wind, and sunshine among others while season describes the weather conditions experienced for more than three months.

What means season?

(1) : a period associated with some phase or activity of agriculture (such as growth or harvesting) (2) : a period in which an animal engages in some activity (such as migrating or mating) also : estrus, heat. (3) : the period normally characterized by a particular kind of weather a long rainy season.

What are the two types of seasons?

They have only two types of seasons, Wet season and Dry season.

How do the seasons change?

Seasons change because of the tilt of the Earth and the planet’s movement around the Sun. Did you know? It takes about 365.25 days for the Earth to orbit the Sun. We have leap years to make up for the extra ¼ day!

What causes a change in the weather?

Daily changes in the weather are due to winds and storms. Seasonal changes are due to the Earth revolving around the sun. What causes weather? These differences in temperature create a restless movement of air and water in great swirling currents to distribute heat energy from the Sun across the planet.