Which is better medical or surgical abortion?

Which is better medical or surgical abortion?

While every surgical procedure involves some risk, the truth is that abortion is one of the safest and most common out-patient surgeries in the U.S. – 10 times safer than carrying a pregnancy to term and delivering vaginally. Early Surgical Abortion: Specialized surgical abortion care for 3 – 5 weeks of pregnancy.

What is the difference between surgical and medical asepsis?

Medical asepsis is any practice that reduces the number and spread of microorganisms. Surgical asepsis is the process that eliminates completely all microorganisms and their spores from the surface of an object.

What are the four main aspects of asepsis?

Aseptic technique types. According to The Joint Commission, there are four chief aspects of the aseptic technique: barriers, patient equipment and preparation, environmental controls, and contact guidelines. Each plays an important role in infection prevention during a medical procedure.

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What does medical asepsis mean?

Medical asepsis is the state of being free from disease causing microorganisms.

What is medical/surgical asepsis?

Medical or clean asepsis reduces the number of organisms and prevents their spread; surgical or sterile asepsis includes procedures to eliminate micro-organisms from an area and is practiced by surgical technologists and nurses.

What are some examples of surgical asepsis?

Healthcare professionals use aseptic technique when they are:

  • performing surgical procedures.
  • performing biopsies.
  • dressing surgical wounds or burns.
  • suturing wounds.
  • inserting a urinary catheter, wound drain, intravenous line, or chest tube.
  • administering injections.
  • using instruments to conduct a vaginal examination.

What is the purpose of surgical asepsis?

Surgical asepsis, also called “aseptic/sterile technique,” eliminates microorganisms before they can enter an open surgical wound or contaminate a sterile field. Aseptic techniques include sterilization of all instruments, drape, and objects that could possibly have contact with the surgical wound or field.

Which technique is better medical asepsis or surgical asepsis?

Medical asepsis, also known as “clean technique” is aimed at controlling the number of microorganisms and is used for all clinical patient care activities. Surgical asepsis, also known as “sterile technique” is aimed at removing all microorganisms and is used for all surgical/sterile procedures.