Which is a disadvantage of asexual reproduction mutation accumulation?

Which is a disadvantage of asexual reproduction mutation accumulation?

Weegy: Mutation accumulation is a disadvantage of asexual reproduction. A disadvantage is that sexual reproduction takes longer than asexual reproduction.

Which is a disadvantage of asexual reproduction?

The disadvantage of asexual reproduction is that organisms do not receive a mix of traits from both parents. An organism that is born through asexual reproduction only has the DNA from the one parent. In fact, the offspring is genetically an exact copy of the parent.

What are the disadvantages of vegetative reproduction?

Disadvantage. A major disadvantage of vegetative propagation is that it prevents species genetic diversity which can lead to reductions in crop yields. The plants are genetically identical and are all, therefore, susceptible to pathogenic plant viruses, bacteria and fungi that can wipe out entire crops.

What is the advantage of vegetative reproduction?

Advantages of vegetative propagation Produces identical quality as the parent. Plants that do not have viable seed, can be reproduced. Flowers produced are of superior quality. Desirable character of fruit can be maintained.

Is vegetative propagation good or bad?

Answer: Vegetative propagation has several disadvantages though many advantages like easy propagation, uniform genetic material, fast multiplication rate, and short time for establishment. The fast multiplication rate increases the easy dispersal of any biotic stress from bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Why is reproduction not a life process?

Nutrition, respiration, transportation and excretion are the different life processes. Reproduction is not considered a life process because it is not necessary to maintain life. Reproduction is required to continue the lineage of an organism but an individual organism can continue to live even without reproduction.

Does reproduction exist even without life?

Reproduction is a fundamental feature of all known life; each individual organism exists as the result of reproduction. In asexual reproduction, an organism can reproduce without the involvement of another organism. Asexual reproduction is not limited to single-celled organisms.

What type of reproduction is needed for life cycle?

Life Cycles. Sexual reproduction occurs in a cycle. Diploid parents produce haploid gametes that unite and develop into diploid adults, which repeat the cycle. This series of life stages and events that a sexually reproducing organism goes through is called its life cycle.

How does reproduction affect the cycle of life?

After cell reproduction evolved into multicellular growth, the multicellular organism evolved a means of reproducing itself that is best described as life-cycle reproduction. Size increase also means a longer life cycle, and with it a great diversity of patterns at different stages of the cycle.