Which best explains why a decrease in the type of insects in an ecosystem reduces the sustainability of the ecosystem?

Which best explains why a decrease in the type of insects in an ecosystem reduces the sustainability of the ecosystem?

Which best explains why a decrease in the types of insects in an ecosystem reduces the sustainability of the ecosystem? There will likely be fewer insects that harm plants, causing an increase in plant diversity. Having fewer insects allows other organisms to use the resources that the insects were using.

Which is an example of biodiversity contributing to the sustainability of an ecosystem?

Answer: Many kinds of fruit trees support a variety of birds and other animals in a forest. Explanation: The biodiversity of the ecosystem contributes to the sustainability in the ecosystem. The higher the biodiversity the more the sustainability.

What are the three factors that affect biodiversity?

Factors that affect biodiversity in an ecosystem include area, climate, and diversity of niches. Which human activities threaten biodiversity? Human activities can also threaten biodiversity. These activities include habitat destruction, poaching, pollution, and the introduction of exotic species.

Which statement best describes how biodiversity supports the sustainability of an ecosystem?

Biodiversity prevents habitats from being destroyed by people. Maintaining diversity allows species to use up the resources in an ecosystem. Maintaining diversity ensures that species can continue to depend on one another.

What factor contributes the most to the overall health and sustainability of an ecosystem?


What is the difference between biodiversity and ecosystem?

Ecosystems are dynamic interactions between plants, animals, and micro-organisms and their environment working together as a functional unit. Again, Biodiversity is the variation of life forms, plants and animals within a given ecosystem, biome, or on the entire Earth.

What does high biodiversity mean for an ecosystem?

High biodiversity, with many species present, is good. It usually means that an ecosystem is healthy and relatively undisturbed by humans. Low biodiversity is characteristic of an unhealthy or degraded environment. A mown lawn in a city park is an example of an ecosystem with low biodiversity.

Which type of ecosystem has the greatest biodiversity?


Which ecosystem has the highest productivity?

Tropical rainforests

Where is biodiversity the highest?


What is the most megadiverse country?

What is the least biodiverse country on earth?

Map showing the 17 megadiverse countries of the world.

  • Ecuador is the smallest country on this list.
  • This South American country holds nearly 10% of global biodiversity within its borders.
  • China has one of the largest numbers of bird species in the world: 1,244 to be exact.

Why are there no birds in Laos?

Most birds have very small territories. Near roads, paths, houses, or anywhere else people go you won’t see many birds because people put them in the soup pot. Laos has more and more forests without people or hunters all the time as upland ethnic minorities are relocated (often unwillingly) close to roads.

Why are there no birds in Vietnam?

This is for a number of reasons: rabid habitat loss, indiscriminate use of chemicals and widespread trapping. Having said that, Vietnam has over 920 bird species (USA 1,100, Australia 8282, UK 600).

Why there are no birds in China?

After the revolution in 1949, the government launched campaigns against vermin to bring good hygiene to China’s pestilent cities. And in 1958, Mao decided birds were eating too much of the country’s grain. All citizens were instructed to take to the streets, beating on pans to keep birds from roosting.

Does Laos have birds?

The avifauna of Laos include a total of 767 species, of which two have been introduced by humans. …

What is the national bird of Laos?

Siamese Fireback

What is Englands national bird?


Which country has the most parrots?


Which is the best parrot in the world?

Below you’ll find a list of the 10 most beautiful parrots in the world.

  • Dusky Lory.
  • Galah.
  • Blue and Yellow Macaw.
  • African Gray.
  • Sun Parakeet.
  • Hyacinth Macaw.
  • Eclectus. This strikingly colored parrot species is native to Papua New Guinea.
  • Scarlet Macaw.

What is the maximum age of a parrot?

Each and every category of parrots has different life spans. For example, an African grey parrot has a life span of 40 to 60 years, Amazon parrots have 25 to 75 years of life span and so on. Small parrots such as hanging parrots, lovebirds and budgets have shorter lifespans of up to 15–20 years.

What is the lifespan of parrot?

Kakapo: 95 years

Which creature has the longest lifespan?

The ten longest-living creatures in the world

  • 10 Turritopsis dohrnii. The oldest living creature is a jellyfish just a few millimetres long and can be found in moderate to tropical waters.
  • 1 Asian Elephant.
  • 2 Blue and yellow macaw.
  • 3 Man.
  • 4 Giant lobsters.
  • 5 Bowhead whale.
  • 6 Giant tortoise.
  • 7 Greenland shark.

What is the longest living bird?

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

Do parrots live for 140 years?

Some parrots may live to about 140 years, but some only live for 15-20 years. Parrot is an uncommon specie and is found where it suits the parrot. We hardly see a parrot in our daily life.