where is the ultrasound ?

C’est par où l’échographie ?

This time, a young girl of 18 years presenting only to the emergency room just to see a gynecologist. There are not in the city ? It is often said that there’s a big desert so that the whole world may come to the emergency room.

This girl declares to have done a pregnancy test in the city, so far does the accablons not, because at least it has bought one ! If you knew the number of people coming to do a test… so let’s get Back to the starting point. It is presented as it is declared pregnant. She wants to see a gynecologist quickly. But why ? Of bleeding ? A pain intense ? No, no… Just she wants him to do an ultrasound for that, it confirms her pregnancy.

(She had no history of pregnancies that would be bad past… no, No but for her it was necessary to do an ultrasound as soon as one was pregnant, all simplement.)

So please make an appointment.