Where are the gifts of the Foch hospital ?

A scandal at the hospital Foch : Only 20% of public donations would go to the hospital.

The Foch hospital, located in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine) is a giant private hospital/public and employs nearly 2000 people. Part of it is managed by the fondation Foch (marshal of the same name) recognized public utility since 1929 and which is now pinned by the general inspectorate of social affairs (Igas) and the general inspection of administration (IGA), which just make a complaint to the prosecutor of the Republic to ” capture the funds “.

You can make a donation that he said.

The complaint follows an inspection report that was damning, denouncing the lack of transparency of public benefit purpose foundations, and the betrayal of the donors. Indeed, it would seem that there has been less than 20% of the donations that have been given at the hospital Foch, in figure 3.1 million on $ 16.1 million euros collected between 2000 and 2011. The foundation defends itself by présicant all of the donations are for the hospital, but that there is a considerable time lag between the time of collection and the transfer to the fund of the hospital. I would have changed bank since a long time with the time of transfer as long said… There are questions about transfers, but we are still relieved at having found no trace of personal enrichment of the leaders. You can blow the friends.

It is especially necessary to know that the own funds of the foundation have more than doubled in 10 years to reach 47 million euros, whereas behind it, the Foch hospital is appauvrissait of more than 26 million euros, resulting in hundreds of job losses and this despite a grant of 50 million euros from the regional agency of hospitalization.

Once again, we draw on the hospital’s already in trouble, is deprived of what it right. Now the public prosecutor of the Republic to determine the true from the false and give us the truth.