When to drive after a tummy tuck ?

The belly is a part of the body on which fat is used to store a result of a loosening of the skin, loss of elasticity and sagging of the lining of the abdominal. This creates, therefore, a consequence unpleasant on the silhouette, especially with the age advance.

But multiple pregnancies, significant weight loss or weight gain too excessive can also be a source of stomach discomfort. That’s why many are those who seek a tummy tuck to have recourse to the necessary corrections to remedy these imperfections and lose the fat of fat stored. But after a cosmetic surgery, it is important to follow medical instructions to avoid post surgical problems.

Recovery after a tummy tuck

To perform a tummy tuck, it will be necessary to consult a surgeon and make a diagnosis to determine the surgical technique to be performed according to each case of each patient. A preparation should be in place weeks before the surgery, including guidelines on diet and lifestyle, medicines to avoid before surgery, preoperative testing…

The tummy tuck will take between 2 to 3 hours depending on the technique and it is performed under general anaesthesia. The port sheath of the abdominal will be possible after the operation. The pain after surgery can be significant and the risk of complications are not insignificant to know an infection, a bleeding, sensitivity, difficulty of healing…

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It will therefore be important to follow the instructions given by the surgeon, including the resumption of physical activity, when able to take a shower, have sex or drive ?

In general, you may not be able to drive when taking narcotics is completed and when you no longer have difficulties to move and that no pain is felt, about a month and a half after the surgery. The price of this type of intervention is exorbitant, which is why you need to know more about the rules of management and the different requirements to qualify for a refund of social security and your mutuelle.

The support by the social security and mutual

The social security does not support the tummy tuck that under certain conditions such as the presence of an apron around the abdominal area which covers the pubic bone, a pregnancy, high-profile, excessive weight loss, or a psychological effect-order mental due to the shape of the belly.

But the opinion of a doctor is required for reimbursement, and it is also required that the operation is performed in a hospital setting. It is to be noted that the social security does not charge extra fees, however, your insurance company will be able to intervene to alleviate your invoice on the remains in charge.

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It is therefore crucial to choose a good mutual reimburses well, and customize your policy by focusing on the safeguards that you think is actually necessary to suit your needs. A tummy tuck can be up to 4000 €, a sum large enough to pay if you do not pay attention to your contract of mutual.