When the stomach problems

Wenn der Magen Probleme bereitetThe stomach is an extremely complex Organ. It is a matter of survival and not letting us know immediately when something tastes. The stomach can take are to 1.5 litres and together with the intestines average a length of about nine meters. Food, which the esophagus go down, so they have a very long way. On this it is not always about to pain which is why it is, and malaise may occur. But, how should we interpret different types of pain?

Stones in the stomach

After a delicious Dinner consisting of starter, main and Dessert, it comes to unsightly bloating. However, this does not have to occur necessarily because of the generous dishes. Likewise, a small Sandwich is enough in the afternoon, this feeling can cause. But how does it happen? Quite clearly, The stomach is crowded. When you Swallow air, often in the stomach, leading to gas formation in the intestine. As a result, the bloating is usually not alone and is accompanied by flatulence. The belly is round and extremely hard. Suffer compare the feeling of fullness with stones in the stomach. Not always the feeling needs to come from food, but can also be due to a disease such as an inflammation of the stomach mucosa caused. Here is the advice of a doctor should be sought.

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Tense Muscles

Far the most unpleasant pain that can cause the gastro-intestinal tract: stomach cramps widely used and equally. Often the cramps last only a few seconds, however, one forgets that kind of pain, once you have experienced it once. Blame for the seemingly raging stomach a malfunction of the stomach muscles is often. As soon as food enters the stomach, it expands according to the muscles to be able to get enough volume to record. The musculature is not working properly, it lacks the stomach to place. Furthermore, the stomach can not digest properly because the contractions are irregular and smooth to go fast. Who is affected, you should act quickly. A heat pad, for example, can work wonders, because the muscles are better supplied with blood and relax this significantly. In addition to heat also have the usual stomach herbs such as chamomile and peppermint help certainly. As a tea, the remedy is quick to prepare and can be quickly taken.

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