When an internal plays a doctor-an emergency physician

Quand un interne joue au médecin-urgentiste

During my last guard SPV, I was able to see the SMUR landed on my intervention with a house… And there it is the drama (for her).

Attention, vla-house of the SMUR !

Arrived in a home housing to a chest pain in a man of approximately 80 years, the UAS decides to send a team of SMUR. Well, okay, even if nothing abnormal other than her pain (resembling, moreover, has a GERD) such that the irradiation, a TA is abnormal, or other suspect. It waits patiently, under this heat that characterizes this beautiful day, we wait… and Then here is that the team arrives, one sees the sees out of the vehicle but they are four ! Would like this is not three usual ? I run the paris between the IADE in the articles or the internal medicine.

Bingo ! I won with the internal medicine which comes, and quickly takes the intervention to his or her account. Hold on… The doctor when he sits down quietly on a chair and tap on it iPhone latest model. We are allowed to do the exams, the usual questions, the consultation of the last folder, the ECG… also it reveals a fault but the internal would like another ECG reference. Do not move my little lady ! I ask the gentleman, eh… Ah well, yes, it was, it was enough to look. During this time, I’m going to see quietly what can be done by the doctor on her mobile phone since the beginning and there, part of Candy Crush ! I’m in love… basically, it leaves completely the internal management of the intervention and I tell myself that it’s still nice this doctor… Except that the internal looks, cogitate, do different diagnostic and look at the air totally hopeless manager who does not respond to its proposals. But be careful, I note quickly that he remains attentive to the questions because you can easily see the faces to some of the questions or small smiles malignant… We quickly understand the why of such an atmosphere when he ends up saying : “Thou hast ripped off the sheet of starting hands, it is you wanted to do the doctor. So do the doctor and doing you “. It is made…

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You feel the pressure ?

Then, once the diagnosis is established with a cute ” No not maybe, I am sure ! “it will then be necessary to determine the sequence of events to know if we’re going to the emergency room or directly in the CIAU. A sketch I tell you… But we are starting to have a little bit of penalty for this internal which decomposes gradually. We would not have wanted to be in his place at that time. The doctor will eventually put pressure by asking him to make the choice quickly, we do not have the time in response to cogitate of hours. The’IADE sitting head in his hands, the paramedic with her big smile and us look haggard in the face of this situation, but also including it as a side, if the doctor is as it is for to react to its internal.

It will eventually make the decision to go to the CIAU and finally it was able to do a little exercise in transporting the patient to the hospital sector.

Like what young internal, do not play the cowboys and go for it not with his head bowed. Let it be your senior, if not you will pay. To an outside observer, one could blame the doctor, we hated him on the blow but the lesson was still there.

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