Wheelchair electric : to facilitate the autonomy and the daily life of disabled people

With the technological evolution, the power wheelchair is lighter and more powerful than before. Generally recommended to the people in situation of disability, the electric wheelchair is also recommended for older people with muscle weakness or paralysis, partial. More convenient and more powerful, the wheelchair has been designed to optimize self-reliance and facilitate the daily lives of people with reduced mobility. Offered in several options, the electric wheelchair is selected based on the needs of the user.

The criteria for choosing an electric wheelchair

Used several hours per day, the wheelchair must be convenient, but also comfortable. The choice of this device should not be done with haste. It must be done according to several criteria such as :

• the comfort of the seat, the backrest, footrest, etc

• the strength of the chassis, tires, wheels, etc

• the autonomy of the batteries

• the weight of the wheelchair, etc

Fauteuil roulant électrique : pour faciliter l’autonomie et le quotidien des personnes à mobilité réduiteThe electric wheelchair should also be chosen depending on whether it is for use inside or outside. In all cases, prefer electric wheelchairs, lightweight and easy to handle as the Smartchair, of the company Weighing only 23 kg, the Smartchair is easy to carry, folds in a few seconds, has a battery of 10Ah and can be stowed in the trunk of a city car.

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To top it all off, it has a turning radius that allows him to turn on himself. With its armrests, headrest and footrest are adjustable, etc, the Smartchair is comfortable.

Orders for electric wheelchair

The controls of an electric wheelchair have been developed which allow an easy use of the chair. Specially recommended to those who do not have the capacity to use a manual wheelchair, power wheelchairs can be ordered with the hand, with the chin, with the head and even with the breath. Thus, regardless of the level of disability of the person, it is always possible to find a way to allow him to control his chair. And thanks to the development of technology, people with reduced mobility or with a severe handicap can gain autonomy.