What will the result be if a purebred tall pea plant is mixed with a purebred short pea plant?

What will the result be if a purebred tall pea plant is mixed with a purebred short pea plant?

An offspring of many generations that has the same form of the trait as its parents. When Mendel crossed a purebred tall plant with a purebred short plant, what did he find? That the purebred tall plant is dominant over the short plant.

When Mendel crossed a homozygous tall pea plant TT with a homozygous short pea plant TT What offspring was produced?

The “TT” and “Tt” crosses both have at least one “T” allele, so they are tall plants. However, the last cross “tt” doesn’t have any “T” alleles and is short, because it is homozygous recessive . Since 1 out of 4 pea plants are short, or 1/4, the probability of a short pea plant from a heterozygous cross is 25%.

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What happened when Mendel crossed purebred short plants with purebred tall plants?

Describe what happened when Mendel crossed purebred tall pea plants with purebred short pea plants. He found that the recessive trait such as the short plants disappeared,and only the dominent trait stayed, tallness, but when he allowed them to self pollinate, the recessive gene, shortness reappeared.

Is TT tall or short?

Genotype Symbol Genotype Vocab Phenotype
TT homozygous DOMINANT or pure tall tall
Tt heterozygous or hybrid tall
tt homozygous RECESSIVE or pure short short

Is TT a gene?

If an organism has two different alleles (Tt) for a certain gene, it is known as heterozygous (hetero means different)….Genotype and Phenotype.

Genotype Definition Example
Heterozygous One dominant allele and one recessive allele Tt
Homozygous dominant Two dominant alleles TT

What does tt mean to geneticists?

The notation Tt means there is one dominant allele and a recessive allele present for a gene. An individual contains a pair of alleles inherited from each parent.

What kind of letter is used to represent a dominant allele?

capital letter

What is it called when two alleles have capital letters?

Variations of a gene are called alleles. When an individual has two copies of an identical allele, there is only one possible phenotype. When writing a genotype, the dominant allele is usually represented by a capital letter, while the recessive allele has a lowercase letter.

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What is the term for passing the traits from parents to offspring?

The transmission of characteristics from parents to offspring is called heredity, and the characteristics that are inherited can be predicted.

What is the maximum number of alleles a gene can have?


What is multiple Allelism with suitable example?

multiple alleles Three or more alternative forms of a gene (alleles) that can occupy the same locus. However, only two of the alleles can be present in a single organism. For example, the ABO system of blood groups is controlled by three alleles, only two of which are present in an individual.