What type of magma is the least explosive?

What type of magma is the least explosive?

basaltic magma

Is basaltic an explosive lava?

Eruptions associated with basaltic lava usually are not explosive due to the low silica and gas content. Gases escape more easily when silica content is low. Because of the low viscosity, basaltic lava flows spread out, forming extensive layers. Columnar jointing is also frequently seen in basaltic lava flows.

What is basaltic magma?

Basaltic lava, or mafic lava, is molten rock enriched in iron and magnesium and depleted in silica. Basaltic magmas are formed by exceeding the melting point of the mantle either by adding heat, changing its composition, or decreasing its pressure. Underwater, basaltic lavas are erupted as pillow basalts.

What type of volcano is the most explosive?

Composite volcanoes

Which component of magma is the highest and the lowest in value?

Felsic magma has the highest silica content of all magma types, between 65-70%. As a result, felsic magma also has the highest gas content and viscosity, and lowest mean temperatures, between 650o and 800o Celsius (1202o and 1472o Fahrenheit).

What are the top two components of Magma?

Magma Composition

  • Mafic magmas are low in silica and contain more dark, magnesium- and iron-rich mafic minerals, such as olivine and pyroxene.
  • Felsic magmas are higher in silica and contain lighter colored minerals such as quartz and orthoclase feldspar. The higher the amount of silica in the magma, the higher is its viscosity.

Which does not affect magma formation?

The factors that mainly affect in the formation of magma can be summarized into three: Temperature, Pressure and composition. Temperature plays a role in the formation of the melts in the magma. Lower temperature in the earth’s crust might solidify the components and magma may not be formed.

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