What services can you access on Mycommnet?

What services can you access on Mycommnet?

Students can access registration services, academic records, financial and financial aid information, and much more. Faculty can access grade rosters, enter grades, check advisees, etc.

How do I withdraw from a class 3 Rivers Community College?

Withdraw using the paper form Withdraw Form is available online or in person at the Registrar’s Office Room A115. Completed withdraw form may be: emailed to: [email protected] faxed to: 860-215-9919.

How do I register for classes at Three Rivers Community College?

Now you are ready to register for your courses!

  1. Login to MyCommNet.
  2. Access the Banner Student & Faculty Self-Service link.
  3. Click “Registration/Schedule”
  4. Select “Class Registration”
  5. Select the correct term (Winter 2020 or Spring 2021), then “Submit”

How does the PACT program work?

The Professional Apprenticeship Career Tracks (PACT) program enlists Sailors into a monitored general apprenticeship program. This program provides apprentice-level formal training and on-the-job training that leads to a viable career field within two years on board their first Permanent Duty Station.

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How do you qualify for PACT?

To qualify, all these items must be true:

  1. You want to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.
  2. You live in California.
  3. You have a low income for your family size (at or below twice the federal poverty level).
  4. You don’t have health insurance. Or you have health insurance that can’t be used for family planning because:

Is pact a scholarship?

How much is the scholarship? The PACT Institute Diversity Scholarships will award: $950 toward PACT Level 1 Online Training (The scholarship covers 50 percent of the training.) $900 toward PACT Level 2 Online Training (The scholarship covers 50 percent of the training.)

What does the pact cover?

Various birth control methods, including long-acting reversible contraceptives, emergency contraception, and sterilization. Family planning counseling and education. Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing & treatment.

What is the age limit for family pact?

18 or older