what’s new in the syringe – summer 2013

Ah what a beautiful summer we have at this time… Period where carers lose weight by working under the exhausting heat, clad in a blouse of cotton which retains heat and sweat, trying to hydrate the patient by self-forgetting at the same time… good luck to you ! I’m going on vacation this evening.

Balance summer 2013 of the syringe

So let’s make a little point and balance sheet since the beginning of the year. I’m quite taken by my new functions, which again causes loss of activity to this blog by writing less articles. This is the negative side in this moment, the positive side is the increasing activity of the site. You are increasingly numerous to come and I thank you for that. A lot of contact this year, and it’s fun ! Besides, I had also a small article on Thank you again. The page Facebook has also been created and you are at the present time 90 fans. It goes up each day and comforts me ! I would like to clarify that from 100 fans, contests to win small gifts nurses will appear ! Then share the page ?

In the news also, two new sites make an appearance sensational on ! The one you know now since the beginning of the year with anecdotes of nurses who like the site VDM you propose to send your stories. And the last one appeared the day of the national day for the beads of nursing ! Of funny situations and unusual are proposed for a good mood collegiate. Insurers, the police, the administration, school and so on have their own pearls, so why not us ? It is good to laugh at yourself and think about us. In a more serious sides, this is the wiki of nursing that opens but that is not yet filled. But at least, it is ready to be used ! I reparlerais to the start of the year.

For the new school year, more activity, I hope, for my part, and I ask myself the question precisely to you to invite you to write articles, and thus intervene ! I know that some are interested so why not… And the idea of an association that I would like to create is always in a corner of my head to help on the part of nurses.

So now I must leave you, I’ll take the road for a holiday in the sun ! You have to wait 3 long weeks before I review, so don’t believe that the blog is inactive ! I want to see you in the fall !

So, I wish you all good summer holidays and rest well ! And others who work, I wish you good luck to all, we think of you ! ?

Very soon the friends !