What rank is Arkansas?

What rank is Arkansas?

Arkansas is the 29th largest by area and the 33rd most populous U.S. state.

What is tuition at Arkansas State?

Local tuition 8,900 USD, Domestic tuition 15,860 USD (2019 – 20)

Is Arkansas State University Expensive?

For the academic year 2020-2021, the undergraduate tuition & fees at Arkansas State University-Main Campus is $7,315 for Arkansas residents and $12,883 for out-of-state students. The graduate 2021-2022 estimated tuition & fees at Arkansas State is $6,783 for Arkansas residents and $11,767 for out-of-state students.

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How much is out-of-state tuition for Arkansas?

The 2021 tuition & fees of University of Arkansas (Arkansas) are $9,384 for Arkansas residents and $25,872 for out-of-state students.

How much is housing at Arkansas State?

Housing and dining plans at A-State are combined. The typical student spent $9,672 in 2019 – 2020 to live on campus….Room and Board Costs & Expenses.

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $9,672 $9,108
Other Living Expenses $4,566 $4,566
Books and Supplies $1,250 $1,250

What are the requirements to get into Arkansas State University?


  • Cumulative 2.75 high school grade point average AND.
  • Minimum 21 ACT composite or 1060 SAT (super score will be considered)

Do freshman have to live on campus at Arkansas State?

Freshmen not living at the legal residence of his or her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are required to live in on-campus housing. Freshmen (including students planning to live with parents or guardians) may request a release from this policy by completing the off-campus waiver form.

Does Arkansas State University have dorms?

We offer a residence hall system with a sound academic and social atmosphere. Each residence hall provides facilities to satisfy the daily needs of our students.

Do you have to live on campus at Arkansas?

The University of Arkansas recognizes the benefits students receive from living on campus their first year. All single freshmen under 21 years of age are required to live on campus in a residence hall unless they live with a parent or legal guardian’s permanent home.

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Does Arkansas State University allow pets?

Can I have a pet? Cats and certain breeds of dogs are permitted in the houses pending approval from the University Housing with a $200 pet deposit, pet application, and documentation.

How do I apply for housing at Arkansas State University?

All students need to apply through the A-State Housing Portal. Students will need to make a $100 pre-payment in the portal before completing application process. Roommates must request each other on the application. First year students can now view this video guide.

Are University of Arkansas dorms coed?

Though most students choose their residence hall based on location and style, the gender of the other residents also plays a role in many students’ decisions, as every hall at the UA campus has different rules.

What are the best dorms at University of Arkansas?

Top 10 Dorms at the University of Arkansas

  • Buchanan-Droke Hall.
  • Duncan Avenue Apartments.
  • Founders Hall.
  • Futrall Hall.
  • Gibson Hall.
  • Gregson Hall.
  • Humphreys Hall.
  • Hotz Honors Hall.

Do you have to live on campus freshman year at U of A?

Are freshman required to live on campus? Incoming first-year students are not required to live on campus but are encouraged do to so. Yes, summer housing is available on campus each summer.

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Do all colleges require you to live on campus?

Yes, most schools require on-campus living for non-local students, but not all do. There are plenty of non-commuter schools that allow freshmen to live outside the confines of campus. “Schools require freshmen to live on campus because it can foster community spirit and keep the student involved.”

Is it cheaper to live on campus or rent an apartment?

On-campus housing is often less expensive than renting a house or an apartment off campus — but not always. Depending on the housing market around the college, students can sometimes find great deals. And like off-campus housing, there are costs to choosing to live on campus that aren’t immediately obvious.