What is the starting wage at Labcorp?

What is the starting wage at Labcorp?

LabCorp of America Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Laboratory Assistant Range:$12 – $20 Average:$16
Certified Phlebotomist Range:$14 – $22 Average:$17
Specimen Processor Range:$12 – $18 Average:$15
Medical Laboratory Technician Range:$16 – $28 Average:$22

What degree do you need to work at Labcorp?

A high school diploma or GED is sufficient. Most sites require at least a GED and Phlebotomy certification or Medical Assistant with phlebotomy experience. Yes, you need a college degree. You may work for Alligence, which works with Labcorp, without one.

Can I go to any labcorp?

Test requests can be accepted on non-Labcorp forms. Please bring the test request form your doctor provided, along with your insurance information and identification, to your local Labcorp facility. You can use our website to find locations near you and to schedule appointments here.

Does labcorp drug test their employees?

Labcorp performs initial drug screening using immunoassay.

Does labcorp provide training?

Please note that successful completion of LabCorp Corporate Solutions collector training is required prior to submitting a collector user registration form. See the User Training section below for information about how to register for training.

What is labcorp Solutions Web COC?

Labcorp Web COC is an innovative drug testing specimen collection tool that guides the collector through each step of the collection process to produce a federally regulated or non-federally-regulated chain of custody form on-site.

How do I sign up for labcorp?

Search Tests Indicate that you are requesting new user access and/or are adding an additional user on the user registration form. Submit completed and signed user registration forms to Labcorp occupational testing services. Submit the signed form via fax 919-481-5444 or email [email protected] .

How do I get my lab results from labcorp?

How do I access my lab test results? Lab results are delivered to your LabCorp Patientâ„¢ portal account. Log in or register online. For more information, you may also see our Notice of Privacy Practices.