What is the role of the chorus in Medea?

What is the role of the chorus in Medea?

The chorus is sympathetic As the Women of Corinth, Euripides depicts the chorus as a group of fair-minded representatives of the community who support Medea’s campaign for justice, and who, acting as one body, suffer with the house of Jason. My own heart suffers too When Jason’s house is suffering.

How does the chorus feel towards Medea?

The chorus’ firm support of Medea falters when she announces her plan to kill her children: they express horror, urge her to reconsider and, in the third stasimon, dwell on the impiety and cruelty of such a deed (824-65). The chorus pleads for divine intercession and criticizes Medea, but does nothing (1251-70).

What happens to Medea at the end of the play?

After Medea leaves Jason in Corinth, she marries the king of Athens (Aegeus) and bears him a son. Other accounts, like Euripides’ play Medea, focus on her mortality, although she transcends the mortal world at the end of the play with the help of her grandfather Helios and his sun chariot.

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Does Medea kill her father?

Medea, enraged, sent a dress and a coronet covered in poison, causing the deaths of both Glauce and her father. She then killed her children, and fled to Athens on a golden chariot sent by her grandfather, the god Helios.

Who does Medea kill first?

The play is set during the time that the pair live in Corinth, when Jason deserts Medea for the daughter of King Creon of Corinth; in revenge, Medea murders her two sons by Jason as well as Creon and his daughter.

Which two characters suffer the most in Medea?

While Jason is the victim of his children getting murdered by Medea, the tragic figure still remains Medea due to how she is the one who suffers the most throughout the play because of Jason and societal expectations.

Why is Medea considered a tragedy?

Crystal Smart Medea is a tragedy because it demonstrates a strong tragic hero who has many commendable talents but is destroyed by a tragic flaw. Medea immediately arouses sympathy from the reader, in the beginning of the play. Her nurse introduces Jason, Medea’s husband, as a cheater who left Medea for a princess.

Who did Jason cheat on Medea with?


Who is to blame in Medea?

In conclusion, despite Medea’s murder to her own children, it was Jason solely to blame for their children’s death. According to the play, he said that he ‘fathered’ them.

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Why does Jason say he married the princess?

Why does Jason chose Glauce to be married to? She is a princess; he might gain power and wealth. To stay and make arrangements for her sons; was really going to make a plan to kill Glauce and her sons.

What motivates Medea the most?

Medea’s motivation is a desire to punish her husband, a major category used by researchers investigating the background to such crimes. One research article even suggests that mothers are more likely to kill male children if their motivation is vengeance: Medea’s is, and her victims are both sons.

What is the message of Medea?

The play explores many universal themes: passion and rage (Medea is a woman of extreme behaviour and emotion, and Jason’s betrayal of her has transformed her passion into rage and intemperate destruction); revenge (Medea is willing to sacrifice everything to make her revenge perfect); greatness and pride (the Greeks …

Is Medea a hero or villain?

Medea is neither a hero nor a villain but a combination of both. On the one hand, she displays heroism by standing up for herself in a world where women are expected to be seen and not heard.

How did Medea kill the princess?

Medea does have a moment of hesitation when she considers the pain that her children’s deaths will put her through. However, she steels her resolve to cause Jason the most pain possible and rushes offstage with a knife to kill her children. As the chorus laments her decision, the children are heard screaming.

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What bad things did Medea do?

Medea incited violence among family members and renounced her homeland. (She killed her brother and incited violence against Peleas. As the Nurse reminds us, in the prologue, “When Peleas’ daughters, at her instance, killed their father”.) “I was taken as plunder from a land”.

Why is Medea a hero?

Because she fears the king will attempt to avenge the death of his daughter by harming her sons, Medea kills them. By realizing that she will feel the lifelong agony of her sons’ deaths, Medea is the tragic hero. The first requirement of being a tragic hero is the character must be either noble or royal.

What is Medea’s tragic flaw?

Medea’s tragic flaw, then, is that she is a woman, yet she acts like a man. In other words, Medea’s tragic flaw is her possession of the manly valor in women that Aristotle considers inappropriate.

What is Medea’s Hamartia?

Medea’s hamartia, or flaw, is that she is willing to do anything to get her revenge on Jason. Medea is so blinded by hate and rage that she kills Jason’s new wife, the King and both of her own children. Later in the play Medea shows how shrewd she really is when she says, “But you know all that.

What is the genre of Medea?