What is the right nursing home ?

Another (very) interesting question, which reached me by e-mail. First of all: A “right” or “wrong” answer on this question. Nevertheless, I will try to have a reasonably acceptable answer to this question:

Probably the most decisive point in the selection of a “good” nursing place of relatives or for themselves in the Region. You should consider whether you want to stay in the same city or the same village living, Centrally, or in a restricted Traffic Zone. Also, it depends on the distance how far it is from the families to the nursing home. If you have chosen a radius, the most critical point: The institution follows then!

In any healthcare facility, different people work. Some people do not fit together, and others. You should therefore carefully consider whether you can work together with the local staff good or not (for example, the creation of a current medical history and biography). But also the furniture in such a setup are important. The people who live there, and spend your time, should feel comfortable.