What is the mission of encompass health?

What is the mission of encompass health?

Encompass Health Mission Statement Connected Care, Superior Outcomes. We deliver the highest quality integrated inpatient and home-based care, seamlessly connecting with other providers across the healthcare continuum.

When was the HealthSouth scandal?


Who owns encompass rehab?

Cressey & Company LP

What happened to HealthSouth after the scandal?

While HealthSouth has done a complete 180 since an accounting scandal rocked the company during the early 2000s, its history is fascinating, Trimm said. 1989 – HealthSouth moves to the New York Stock Exchange and follows that with the purchase of its first acute care hospital for $20 million.

How did HealthSouth get caught?

HealthSouth were caught for fiddling their accounts, in order to overstate profits that they never had. When he informed the FBI, they raided HealthSouth’s offices and uncovered the massive scandal at hand.

Is encompass health the same as HealthSouth?

HealthSouth Corp., an operator of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and provider of home-based care, has changed its name to Encompass Health Corp. The rollout of the Encompass Health brand includes changing names and logos across its field operations as well as corporate resources. …

Who is the CEO of Encompass Health?

Mark J. Tarr (Dec 29, 2016–)

When did HealthSouth change to encompass?


How many locations does encompass health have?


What states are encompass health in?

136 Locations in the United States

  • Alabama(8)
  • Arkansas(5)
  • Arizona(6)
  • California(3)
  • Colorado(2)
  • Delaware(1)
  • Florida(12)
  • Georgia(2)

When was encompass health started?

February 22, 1984, Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Is HealthSouth still a company?

HealthSouth today announced it will change its name to Encompass Health Corp., effective Jan. 2, 2018. Founded in 1984, the company is the nation’s leading owner and operator of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals.

Where is Richard Scrushy now?


Why was Richard Scrushy acquitted?

Ex-HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy Found Not Guilty on All 36 Charges. Former HealthSouth CEO and founder Richard Scrushy was found not guilty on 36 charges of fraud, false corporate reporting and making false statements related to the $2.7 billion accounting fraud at HealthSouth.

What was Richard Scrushy charged with?

But his victory was short-lived and four months after his acquittal in the HealthSouth case, Scrushy was indicted on political corruption charges for money laundering, obstruction, racketeering and bribery …. along with former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

Who went to jail in the HealthSouth scandal?

William Owens

How long did Scrushy go to jail?

Richard Scrushy
Penalty Birmingham trial: acquitted Montgomery trial: 82 months in federal prison, three years’ probation, United States Dollars $267,000 in restitution, a fine of $150,000 and 500 hours of community service

How did HealthSouth overstate earnings?

HealthSouth were able to increase its earnings, by overstating assets and understating liabilities which kept the books balanced. They managed to fraudulently overstate the assets within the company by over 800 million dollars.

What laws did HealthSouth break?

HealthSouth consented to the entry of an order by the Court (1) requiring that the company place in escrow, under the Court’s supervision, all extraordinary payments (whether compensation or otherwise) to its directors, officers, partners, controlling persons, agents, or employees, pursuant to the provisions of the …

Who were HealthSouth auditors?

The HealthSouth Corporation’s board has fired Richard M. Scrushy, the company’s chairman and chief executive, and its auditor, Ernst & Young, less than two weeks after regulators charged Mr. Scrushy and HealthSouth with sweeping accounting fraud.

How long did EY audit HealthSouth?

E&Y was HealthSouth’s auditor from 1996 to 2002. Terms call for a fund to be created for investors, according to court papers filed this week in the Birmingham, Ala., federal court case, the Birmingham News reported.

What is Richard Scrushy worth today?

Richard Scrushy Net Worth

Net Worth in 2020 $1 Million – $5 Million
Net Worth in 2019 Pending
Salary in 2019 Under Review
House Not Available
Cars Not Available