What is the cost of room and board and miscellaneous expenses for undergraduate students at East Texas Baptist?

What is the cost of room and board and miscellaneous expenses for undergraduate students at East Texas Baptist?


2020-2021 COA On-Campus Off-Campus
Tuition & Fees $27,640 $27,640
Room & Meals $9,460 $5,850
Books & Supplies $880 $880
Transportation $800 $1200

How much is Etbu a semester?


Plan Cost Notes
Undergraduate cost per semester (full time students) $13,200 per semester for full time students
Undergraduate (if enrolled in less than 12 hours) $880 per hour if enrolled in less than 12 hours
Dual Enrollment (MISD students) $50 per hour
Dual Enrollment (All other high school students) $100 per hour

What SAT score is required for Etbu?


What college is in Marshall Texas?

Wiley College

Does Wiley College still exist?

Overall, Wiley College remains a viable force in the academic community. The institution continues to be a leader in innovation. It was the first “Thinkpad College” west of the Mississippi River.

Is Wiley College a good school?

Wiley is a good school. It has an amazing atmosphere and the school is very welcoming to everyone who steps foot on campus. I like Wiley College because it is a historically black college/university (HBCU) college. Wiley College became the first Black college west of the Mississippi River.

What GPA do you need to get into Wiley College?


Did Wiley College debate Harvard?

The most memorable Wiley College debate was not with Oxford (or Harvard). It was with the 1935 national champions, the Southern California Trojans, and it is the circumstances surrounding this debate that form the basis for The Great Debaters.

What is Wiley College known for?

Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, is the first African-American college established in the Lone Star State. It was also established to train teachers for careers at black elementary and secondary schools in Texas and other states and territories. …

Is Wiley College an HBCU?

Wiley College is a four-year, privately-supported, historically black college/university (HBCU) located on the west side of Marshall, Texas.

Is Wiley College accredited?

Wiley College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate and baccalaureate degrees.

Is Wiley College d1?

Wiley College teams, nicknamed the Wildcats, are part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), primarily competing in the Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC).

Does Wiley College have a football team?

Yet, there is no football team at Wiley College. In fact, in Texas, there are only two surviving teams at HBCUs: Prairie View University (PV) and Texas Southern University (TSU).

What is Wiley College mascot?

Wiley the Wildcat

Who won in the great debaters?

The film depicts the Wiley Debate team beating Harvard College in the 1930s. The real Wiley team instead defeated the University of Southern California, who at the time were the reigning debating champions.

Why is Tolson unable to go to Harvard with the debaters?

Why is Mr. Tolson unable to go to Harvard with the debaters? The debaters could not agree whether to start the debate or end the debate with Gandhi.

Who’s the judge the judge is God?

Henry Lowe: Who is the judge? James Farmer Jr.: The judge is God. Henry Lowe: And why is he God? James Farmer Jr.: Because, he decides who wins or loses, not my opponent.

How much of the great debaters is true?

Three of the four debaters were fictional. The film’s writers took half of the names of authentic debaters and changed their last names. Hamilton Boswell became “Hamilton Burgess,” complete with the use of Boswell’s nickname, “Ham.” Henry Height became “Henry Lowe.” There was no woman on the team in 1935.

What is Mr Farmer’s final argument?

What is Mr. Farmers final argument? His final argument was that they lynched negroes. He said that he saw it happen himself.

How does he convince the sheriff to let Mr Tolson?

Farmer blackmails the sheriff into letting Mr. Tolson go free. He explains that the sheriff broke the law by leading the raid against the sharecroppers. Two schools canceled the debates with Wiley College because of his affiliation with the sharecroppers.

What are the two places stated that Mr Lowe said that he could read all day?

Debater Henry Lowe: “School’s the only place you can read all day, except prison.” Dr. James L. Farmer: “We must impress upon our young people that there will be difficulties that they face.

Who kisses Samantha Booke on the river?

James Farmer Jr.

What does it mean to argue the affirmative the great debaters?

affirmative: the side that upholds the proposition stated in the debate. negative: the side of the argument that argues against the affirmative’s proposition.

What is the moral of the great debaters?

Ultimately, the most uplifting message of The Great Debaters is about the legacy passed from one generation to the next: impassioned young people learning the lessons of patience, generosity, and dignity from the older characters as they all struggle for justice.

What is a moral weapon?

established by or founded upon law or official rules. Gandhi also believes that law breakers must accept the legal consequences for their actions. weapon. any instrument used in fighting or hunting. James Farmer, Jr: Resolved: Civil disobedience is a moral weapon in the fight for justice.