What is the care blogger is good

Wofür der Pflegeblogger gut istI recently read in a Blog that also revolves around the theme of care & health, a hilarious post. It went to the search terms that visitors have become attentive to the Blog and the Blog you have found. Unfortunately, I forgot where exactly I read that. If you, dear Blogger, is reading this, and you feel addressed, you can sign up ? In any case, has brought me to this post on the idea, however, to take a look in my statistics program and to make an entry. Therefore, just before the weekend, here is a look deep into the Interior of the nursing bloggers.

What are my visitors?

In addition to numerous “normal” search terms such as AEDLS or sign language, there are also a variety of searches, I can’t assign at all. Some of you understands, that use the anonymity of the Internet and some of you may just shake their head and don’t know how these requests belong to my Blog. So here is a small list with more or less serious comments.

Funny/ Verwundernde Keywords

“sleep and sex”

What has been sought? If you can Sleep at the same time Sex? The I asked me way too often.

“sex between women”

Whether or not this is going to come all through my article on the topic of “The difference between women and men”? The question here is, want to the search to know the end of something to lesbian Sex or he would like to have perhaps the Sex, while a woman sleep on the left and to the right of him? Would the above term fit ?

“water bottles volvic” (suitable also: “volvic 8 liter bottle”)

I must somehow have written here in my Blog once in detail about Volvic. I have to admit that I drink the silence of water the most, but for reasons of free competition, was, of course, pushed directly afterwards, that there are many other non-carbonated water.

“Walnut milk shake”

Not a bad idea. I take after the Sport actually my health drink/ energy shake with chocolate taste, but the walnut one option would be to change. I just wonder why this is found.

“German breakdance championship 2012”

Maybe you should enter something like this up on YouTube, because it is nice looking Videos.

“I have the head shape”

Well, that’s nice. I not only hope, there is such a head shape like Frankenstein.

“do you know of a good jop websites cooking”

No, we don’t know. But we know pages on the subject of spelling.

“Anonymous” Search Terms

“more urine to excrete as a drunk”

This is a question I have seen ever on a question-and-answer platform. Since she was a little, shall we say, loose formulated: “Why do you pee more than you drink”. There is then also the corresponding answers and who wants to know further, at a couple of notes.

“Incontinence article for care buy online”

I can understand very well that you do such searches on the Internet. It kind of fits somehow to the previous topic of “urine”. I think it’s also not overly embarrassed to buy in a drugstore such article, but it is, of course, it is also more comfortable online. If someone bumps again on my side, and looking for ways to buy Incontinence products online, I have a tip: When versandhaus Walz vital, I have ordered not too long ago for my mother (who needed to turn something like that for my grandma), a selection of Incontinence products online.

Wofür der Pflegeblogger gut istSo, that was a small Overview of. Finally, I would like to send you the most search request into the weekend: “life is something wonderful”. In this sense: you Recovered well and remains healthy!

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