What is the answer to the riddle if yesterday was tomorrow today would be Friday?

What is the answer to the riddle if yesterday was tomorrow today would be Friday?

The only day of the week x for which is would be correct to say “If yesterday was x, then today would be Friday” is Thursday. So on that interpretation, x=Thursday, which actually happens to be tomorrow, so today is Wednesday.

What goes after Friday?

Chronologically, Saturday comes after Friday. Alphabetically, Monday comes after Friday.

What does it mean by Wednesday?

Wednesday is the day of the week between Tuesday and Thursday. According to international standard ISO 8601 it is the third day of the week. Wednesday is in the middle of the common Western five-day workweek that starts on Monday and finishes on Friday.

What comes just after Monday?


Which day comes just before Friday?

Poroper Nouns – Days of the Week

Question Answer
3. What day comes after Tuesday? Wednesday
4. What day comes before Sunday? Saturday
5. What day comes after Sunday? Monday
6. What day comes before Friday? Thursday

What day comes two days after the day which comes?

Answer. Answer: Tuesday the correct answer i think i am very sure…

What does 3 days before mean?

three days before means that it happened three days in advance of something or before something happened. Before three days would be used in a sentence like “I must wash the dishes before three days pass”.

Which day is three days before the day immediately?

comes THE day before…’ then the answer is ‘Wednesday’: Friday minus three days: Tuesday. Immediately after Tuesday: Wednesday. Day before Wednesday: Tuesday.

Which day comes 3 day after the fourth day of the week?

Wednesday is the day third of the week according to the international standard ISO 8601, but some countries count it as the fourth day of the week. Norse god Odin kept ravens. Wednesday is the day between Tuesday and Thursday.

What day comes first in the week?

While, for example, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan and other countries consider Sunday as the first day of the week, and while the week begins with Saturday in much of the Middle East, the international ISO 8601 standard and most of Europe has Monday as the first day of the week.

Which day comes 7 days after the first day of the week?

According to international standard ISO 8601, Monday is the first day of the week. It is followed by Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday is the 7th and last day of the week.

What is the 4th day of the week?


Does Thursday mean Thor’s Day?

Thursday, “Thor’s day,” gets its English name after the hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder, strength and protection. The Roman god Jupiter, as well as being the king of gods, was the god of the sky and thunder. “Thursday” comes from Old English “Þūnresdæg.” Friday is named after the wife of Odin.

What does Thursday symbolize?

Naming Thursday – Thor’s Day The English word Thursday is named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor. Thursday means Thor’s day in Old English. Thor is represented riding a chariot drawn by goats and wielding his hammer. In most languages with Latin origins, the day is named after the god and planet Jupiter.

What months dont have 30 days?

30 days has September, April, June and November. And 29 in each leap year. A knuckle is “31 days”, and in between each knuckle it isn’t.

What do you call a month with 31 days?

January – 31 days. February – 28 days in a common year and 29 days in leap years. March – 31 days. April – 30 days. May – 31 days.

How can I remember the months?

Rhyme to remember number of days in each month: April, June, and November. Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November, all the rest have thirty-one.

Which month has the longest name?


Which month has the most birthdays?


Who decided how many days in a month?

Julius Caesar

What are the shortest months?

Have you ever wondered why February is the shortest month of the year? If you take a look at your calendar, you’ll notice that February only has 28 days while the other months have 30 or 31 days.

Does February ever have 27 days?

February shall never have 27 days.

Which month has the fewest Day?


Why do we have 12 months?

Why are there 12 months in the year? Julius Caesar’s astronomers explained the need for 12 months in a year and the addition of a leap year to synchronize with the seasons. These months were both given 31 days to reflect their importance, having been named after Roman leaders.

What was the 13 month called?


Why is there 7 days in a week?

The Babylonians, who lived in modern-day Iraq, were astute observers and interpreters of the heavens, and it is largely thanks to them that our weeks are seven days long. The reason they adopted the number seven was that they observed seven celestial bodies — the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.