What is point Click care?

What is point Click care?

PointClickCare service experts assess and prioritize key business areas enabling your organization to meet your objectives of improving operational efficiency, optimizing financial performance, and enhancing the resident experience.

What is a UDA in long term care?

User Defined Assessments. UDA is a reminder of missed scheduled assessments. This is used in Point Click Care (PCC).

What is PCC software?

Phantom Camera Control (PCC) is the main software application that allows users to get the most out of Phantom cameras. While many newer Phantom models have On-Camera Control and remote control capabilities, PCC is the only place that controls every camera function on every Phantom camera model.

What is PCC EMR?

Physician’s Computer Company is an independent EHR provider working exclusively to meet the needs of independent pediatricians. Since 1983, PCC has built tools, provided training and support to the independent pediatric practices who seek to improve the health of their patients and improve their bottom lines.

What is PCC EHR?

About PCC EHR Physician’s Computer Company (PCC) provides web-based electronic health record (EHR) solutions for pediatric practices. This program streamlines physician workflows with encounter-specific documentation templates, clinical alerts, and health maintenance notifications.

What is a .cine file?

Cine file format was designed for storing and retrieving the recordings made by the Phantom high speed video cameras from Vision Research Inc. A cine file contains all the data produced at the recording of an event so you can retrieve later the information, playback the images, analyze them, etc.

How do I watch cine files?

The main and most frequent cause precluding users form opening CINE files is that no program that can handle CINE files is installed on user’s system. The most obvious solution is to download and install Phantom Cine Viewer or one to the listed programs: Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe SpeedGrade, Phantom Cine Toolkit.

How do I read cine files?

jar to the “Input-Output” directory in the plugins directory (ImageJ/plugins/Input-Output), run Help>Refresh Menus, then use File>Import>Cine File… to run the plugin. Description: This plugin is an importer for the CINE file format generated from the Phantom High Speed Camera produced by Vision Research, Inc.

Why is person centered care important?

Person-centred care helps you find suitable ways to help them communicate and maximise their quality of care. It improves their independence. Not only is this beneficial on a personal level for the patient, but it also encourages them to take part in decisions.

What is the meaning of person centered care?

Being person-centred is about focusing care on the needs of individual. Ensuring that people’s preferences, needs and values guide clinical decisions, and providing care that is respectful of and responsive to them.