What is osteoarthritis ?

This morning I got an eMail, with the question of what is a osteoarthritis. Since I’m currently on my school stuff sorted, I also have the matching “questionnaire” found: age-related changes of the musculoskeletal system.

What is osteoarthritis and how is it produced ?

  • Disease of the joints due to wear and tear, known as osteoarthritis (Arthros = joint). Osteoarthritis occurs most frequently in the knees, feet and hip joints and the spine.

Warning signs of osteoarthritis ?

  • The first pain occurs when the cartilage layer is attacked and the joint ends RUB against each other. Early signs of osteoarthritis is joint pain due to stress, morning start-up pain, restriction of joint mobility and pain at Rest (only in acute arthritis).

How can be promoted the development of osteoarthritis ?

  • Osteoarthritis can be promoted by strong physical stress (wear and tear) of the joints, deformities of the legs (X – or O-legs), Fußschäden (splay foot), Obesity, and joint injuries.

Preventive measures and treatment measures:

  • Prevention regular exercise, the strain on the joints as evenly as possible. Ideal sports are Swimming species, such as, for example, or to ride a Bicycle. The articular cartilage is only nourished sufficiently, when the joints are moved. For this reason, an arthritic joint may not be shut down. In the case of a destruction of the joint, can be used by a surgery, an artificial joint.
  • Common method of treatment in patients with arthritis: the inflammation and pain must be brought to decay by cold or heat therapy, painkillers and drugs.
  • The mobility of the joints must be maintained. Sufficient exercise, physiotherapy and massage are very effective.