What is one possible explanation relating a variety of species within an ecosystem to the overall balance of the ecosystem?

What is one possible explanation relating a variety of species within an ecosystem to the overall balance of the ecosystem?

This variety of life helps to maintain a balance within the ecosystem. What is one possible explanation related to a variety of species within a ecosystem to the overall balance of the ecosystem? The variety of species helps support more abiotic factors.

What is the first species to colonize a disturbed area called?

pioneer species

What is the ultimate function of ecological succession in an environment?

The ultimate goal of ecological succession. resources are environmental conditions that limit the growth, abundance, or distribution of an organism or a population of organisms in an ecosystem. forms when a fungus and a green alga live together in a close beneficial association.

What is the difference between ecological succession and equilibrium?

Ecological succession is the term that expresses how a community changes over time in regards to the composition and dominant species found in that community. Thus, as a community goes through multiple changes through each stage of succession, it is not in equilibrium.

What are two major causes of ecological succession?

An ecological succession happens when there are natural disturbances and human disturbances. A natural disturbance or disaster is caused by a natural process that occurs on our planet. Examples of these disturbances include severe floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and wildfires.

Which of the following is an example of primary succession?

Primary succession occurs when new land is formed or bare rock is exposed, providing a habitat that can be colonized for the first time. For example, primary succession may take place following the eruption of volcanoes, such as those on the Big Island of Hawaii. As lava flows into the ocean, new rock is formed.

What is an example of primary and secondary succession?

Some examples of primary succession include the formation of a new ecosystem after a volcano, glacier outbursts, or a nuclear explosion. Some examples of secondary succession include succession after fire, harvesting, logging, or abandonment of land or the renewal after a disease outbreak.

Which of the following is an example of ecological succession?

Succession can happen even in mature or climax communities. For example, when a tree falls in a mature forest, sunlight may again be able to reach the forest floor, which would allow new growth to begin. In this case, succession would begin with new smaller plants. Communities are always changing and growing.

Which is an example of primary ecological succession quizlet?

Terms in this set (12) The first organisms to grow in a bare area such as a rock. Examples include mossess and lichens. A tiny organism that often is both algae and fungi that help to break down the bare rock into soil particles during primary succession.

What is an interspecific relationship?

The populations of all the different species that live together in an area make up an ecological community. Interactions between two or more species are called interspecific interactions. …

What is ecological succession process?

Nudation: Succession begins with the development of a bare site, called Nudation (disturbance). Migration: refers to arrival of propagules. Ecesis: involves establishment and initial growth of vegetation.

What are the 5 types of interspecific relationships?

The main types of interspecific interactions include competition (-/-), predation (+/-), mutualism, (+/+), commensalism (+/0), and parasitism (+/-).

What are the 5 types of interaction?

Interactions between species are categorized at the level where one population interacts with another. The five major types of species interactions, summarized in Figure 10, are competition, predation, parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism.

What is the difference between intraspecific and interspecific relationship?

Intraspecific competition occurs between members of the same species. Interspecific competition occurs between members of different species. For example, predators of different species might compete for the same prey.

What is intraspecific struggle?

Intraspecific struggle- When the members of the same species compete against each other for limited resources it is called intraspecific struggle. It reduces the fitness of both the individuals and therefore, it is considered to be the most severe type of struggle for existence.

What does intraspecific mean?

: occurring within a species or involving members of one species intraspecific competition.

What is intraspecific and interspecific?

Interspecific competition occurs between individuals of different species. Intraspecific competition occurs between individuals of the same species.

What factors influence where a population can live?

Biotic factors refer to the living or once-living organisms in an ecosystem and their impacts such as predation, competition, food supply, human impacts and parasites. Environmental factors such as rainfall, climate, predators, shelter and food availability can change.

What are the effects of intraspecific competition?

Intraspecific competition can be intense and adversely affects fitness at high population densities. High population density leads to reduced survival rates, slow growth rate, lowered fecundity, and decreased reproductive rate (Kisimoto, 1965; Denno, 1979; Kuno, 1979; Denno and Roderick, 1990).

What are some examples of interspecific competition?

Interspecific competition is a form of competition between different species of the same ecological area. An example of interspecific competition is between lions and leopards that vie for similar prey. Another example is a farm of rice paddies with weeds growing in the field.

What are 2 possible results of interspecific competition?

Interspecific competition may occur when individuals of two separate species share a limiting resource in the same area. Interspecific competition has the potential to alter populations, communities and the evolution of interacting species.

What is an example of intraspecific?

Examples of intraspecific competition include: Barnacles competing for space on rocks, from which they filter water to obtain their food. Plants using chemical compounds to discourage competitors, even those from the same species, and preventing them from growing too close.