What is Licensure Examination?

What is Licensure Examination?

What is a licensure test? Licensure tests are typically offered by governmental organizations for the purpose of regulating a specific profession or occupation. The purpose of licensure is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the consumer public – not the profession.

What is the difference between hospital licensure accreditation and certification?

Accreditation can be earned by an entire health care organization, for example, hospitals, nursing homes, office-based surgery practices, home care providers, and laboratories. Certification is earned by programs or services that may be based within or associated with a health care organization.

What is a hospital accreditation?

Accreditation is an evaluation process that involves assessment by qualified external peer reviewers to assess a health service organisation’s compliance with safety and quality standards. When you or someone you care for visits a health service organisation, you expect to receive care that is safe.

Why do schools get accredited?

The importance of accreditation is that it creates a set of quality standards for all education institutions or programs, provides access to federal and state funding, maintains private sector confidence, and makes transferring credits easier.

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What does it mean when a school is not accredited?

When a college chooses not to be accredited, it gains some freedom and independence from outside oversight or “rules.” This means it can create nontraditional options for students that might not be acceptable in accredited colleges, so students may find opportunities they like at unaccredited colleges.

What does it mean if a degree is accredited?

So, what does it mean when a degree is professionally accredited? Studying an accredited degree often counts towards an additional professional qualification or registration with the professional body and students will normally study for the professional qualification alongside their degree.

Is the Open University a Recognised degree?

Happily, many employers and organisations worldwide do employ Open University graduates and understand that an OU degree is equal in academic standard to a degree from any other British university.

What are the disadvantages of Open University?

Disadvantages of the Open University. 1) You don’t have as much physical contact to build relationships with peers. This is slightly contrary to the previous advantage but of course less tutorials or classes means less physical meetups with students and sessions where the tutor fleshes things out in person.