What is fever ?

Since I had to do in the last few days with a fever, I thought, would be a small knowledge catalog about fever is very suitable ?

What is a fever ?

Fever agents is not an illness in itself, but the expression of a metabolic disorder and to avert malicious influences, particularly of disease.

Some Fever Causes

  • Operations / injuries – aseptic fever
  • Bacteria / toxins / metabolic products of bacteria – bacterial fever
  • Dehydration in infants – thirst-fever
  • Infection of the urine caused by introduced pathogens catheter fever (urinary fever)
  • Is foreign to the body or dissimilar protein in the case of transplants
  • Damage to the heat centre, Central fever
  • Infection of the birth wound (in pregnant women) – postpartum fever

What are the symptoms are fever present ?

  • Fatigue, head and body aches, loss of appetite
  • strong feeling of thirst, dry and coated tongue, severe redness
  • Sweating, shiny eyes, pulse and respiration are accelerated, reducing the amount of Urine

Which sections has a Fever ?

  • Temperature curve: temperature curve, is the fever over the course of several days.
  • It is divided into Febrile, fever height, and fever waste. By medication characteristic fever curves have become rare.

What are the symptoms of a rapid and critical bout of Fever ?

  • When fever increase in the thermal centre is on a higher set value set
  • You start to freeze, since the body’s metabolism is increased, and the vessels to constrict. By increased muscle activity (Shivering), the body tries to generate the required heat. The temperature is reached, there is the danger of the crisis (sudden fever waste with circulatory failure).
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What are the possibilities of the fever waste are there ?

  • The Fever starts when the heat center has set to a new lower setpoint. The fever is lowered until the core temperature of about 37°C is reached again.
  • Lysis is the gradual fever waste, the patient will not be charged, since the body has the ability to adapt.
  • Crisis is the sudden fever of waste, of the patient’s risk of death by circulatory failure.

How should be the treatment of fever patients, in particular chills ?

  • First Phase: The Patient is shaking from Frost. He has Tachychardie, your teeth chatter. Maintenance: hot water bottle, Blankets, Warm drinks pass.
  • Second Phase: the Patient sweats, is restless. Care: heating pad + heavy Blankets remove.
  • Third Phase: Patient sweats, the pulse and temperature fall. There is a danger of circulatory failure (crisis). Care: cardiovascular monitoring, temperature control, cool beverages, the Patient may wash cold.
  • Fourth Phase: The Patient is exhausted and falls asleep. Care: patients ‘ rooms must be properly ventilated.

What are the possibilities of fever-reducing measures are there ?

  • Wade winding, until the temperature is approx. dropped 1 – 1.5°C.
  • Be careful in patients with vascular verädner, because it can lead to circulatory problems.
  • Antipyretic teas pass (e.g., lime blossom).
  • In the case of very high fever: ice cream (in bed) in the groin area of the patient.
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