What is bad about living in Arkansas?

What is bad about living in Arkansas?

Arkansas has a higher degree of crime in general than the rest of the country. Violent crime is common in Arkansas and has been steadily increasing in the recent past. The violent crime rate in Arkansas stands at about 6 crimes per 1,000 residents.

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What salary do you need to live comfortably in Arkansas?

All data from MIT’s Living Wage calculator. Depending on where you live in the United States, the amount needed to live comfortably can vary greatly. While you can get by as a single person on a $22,000 annual salary in Kentucky or Arkansas, you’ll need at least $30,000 in Hawaii or Maryland.

What is the most common job in Arkansas?

The most common jobs held by residents of Arkansas, by number of employees, are Driver/sales workers & truck drivers (45,615 people), Registered nurses (31,933 people), and Firstline supervisors of retail sales workers (29,319 people).

Who is the largest employer in Arkansas?

Walmart Inc

What is the richest city in Arkansas?


What type of food is Arkansas famous for?

Finally, Arkansas’ cuisine is integral to its culture with such foods as barbecue, traditional country cooking, fried catfish and chicken, wild duck, rice, purple hull peas, okra, apples, tomatoes and grits being part of the people of Arkansas’s diet and economy.

What are the 3 largest companies in Arkansas?

Detailed List Of The 100 Biggest Companies In Arkansas

Rank Company Employees
1 Walmart 2,200,000
2 Tyson Foods 122,000
3 Dillard’s 40,000
4 J.B. Hunt Transport Services 22,190

What is the nickname of Arkansas?

The Land of Opportunity

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What are 5 of the largest public companies in Arkansas?

100 Best Biggest Companies To Work For In Arkansas

  1. Walmart. Zippia Score 4.9. Company Description:
  2. Tyson Foods. Zippia Score 4.7.
  3. Sam’s Club. Zippia Score 4.1.
  4. Dillard’s. Zippia Score 4.4.
  5. Golden LivingCenters. Zippia Score 3.6.
  6. Golden Living. Zippia Score 4.2.
  7. J.B. Hunt Transport Services.
  8. Action. Zippia Score 4.3.

What is Arkansas main source of income?


What is Arkansas famous for?

Arkansas is the only US State that produces diamonds. The state is known for its beautiful lakes, rivers, and hot springs. It has over 600,000 acres of lakes. The Arkansas state musical instrument is the fiddle.

Is Arkansas a wealthy state?

Arkansas is the 48th richest state in the United States of America, with a per capita income of $16,904 (2000).

What are 4 major industries in Arkansas?

  • Doing Business in Arkansas.
  • Corporate & Shared Services. Firearms & Ammunition. Food & Agribusiness. Timber & Forest Products. Technology. Transportation Equipment.

What is the #1 crop in Arkansas?

Rice is the most important crop produced in Arkansas. In the United States, Arkansas is one of the leading producers of rice and contributes about 46 percent of the nation’s supply. The other crops produced in Arkansas in large quantities are soybeans, corn, cotton, grain sorghum, and wheat.

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What is the biggest industry in Arkansas?


How much money does Arkansas make on rice?

Economics. The annual Arkansas rice crop is crucially integral to the state’s economy, contributing more than $6 billion to the state’s economy every year and accounts for over 25,000 jobs.

What is the largest cash crop?

The largest crop in the world in 2019 was sugarcane from Brazil followed by sugarcane from India and corn from the United States. Brazil produced more than 750 million metric tons of sugarcane in 2019. China produced five of the ten largest crops in the world in 2019.

Why do rice fields have curved rows?

The curved levees follow the field contours, enabling growers to maintain water levels and keep roots submerged. Fields are irrigated using gravity flow, with the water entering the top of the field and moving down through each paddy via spills or levee gates.

Who produces the most rice in the world?


Which state eats the most rice?


Who is the largest exporter of rice?


Which rice is the best in the world?

World’s Best Rice 2019 Winner: Vietnam ST25 rice. World’s Best Rice 2018 Winner: Cambodia Jasmine. World’s Best Rice 2017 Winner: Thai Hom Mali.