What is Arthritis ?

In addition to the question of what arthritis is, I got today an eMail ([email protected]) with the question, what is a Arthritis. Arthritis is another (mostly) age changes in the musculoskeletal system.

What is Arthritis ?

In the case of the Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease. This can occur thrust type and is frequently associated with a poor General condition of the patient.

Possible causes of Arthritis ?

Cause of inflammation in the joint can be a bacterial infection or a metabolic disorder. also, there is the possibility that the misguided immune system destroys the joint cartilage.

Warning signs of acute Arthritis ?

Warning signs of Arthritis can be: redness of the joint, swelling, joint warming (“hot joint”), joint pain (even at rest), and restriction of mobility.

How to treat a Arthritis ?

  • Acute Arthritis is difficult to cure. In contrast to osteoarthritis, the joint must be immobilized and may not be charged. Cooling by cooling pad or cold compresses can act indirectly. In the case of bacterial infections antibiotics are administered. Generally speaking, a Diet with a higher proportion of plant-based foods and a reduction in the consumption of meat and sausage were not useful.
  • Drugs and physiotherapy can delay the changes in the Joints. Analgesic, e.g., acetylsalicylic acid, relieve the pain and also act as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Life with Arthritis is not easy – but doable. Especially in self-help groups of the Concerned support and contacts to other Sufferers.
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