What is agroforestry in geography?

What is agroforestry in geography?

Agro-forestry – growing trees and crops at the same time. This lets farmers take advantage of shelter from the canopy of trees. It prevents soil erosion, and the crops benefit from the nutrients from the dead organic matter.

How can we keep our surrounding green?

7 Ways to Keep Our Environment Clean and Safe

  1. Make your voice heard: vote, sign petitions, contact your leaders.
  2. Refuse single-use items (especially plastic)
  3. Buy locally, eat more plants, and compost your food waste.
  4. Plant trees and landscape with native plants.
  5. Green your transportation and travel habits.
  6. Conserve water.

How can we make our country clean and green?


  1. Always carry a small poly-bag. A recycled paper bag would be just great.
  2. Segregate waste at home in 3 separate bins. Biodegradable, Recyclable and Others.
  3. Re-use old bottles.
  4. Compost pit.
  5. Join a Community Cleanliness Drive.
  6. Use Fabric Bags.
  7. Live Clean Yourself.

How can we make our city clean and green?

Best practices of green cities

  1. Ambitious, well defined goals, and regular reporting of progress.
  2. Electricity generation using renewable resources.
  3. Strict building codes favouring green technology.
  4. Investment in public transportation.
  5. Efforts and policies to cut waste, reduce water consumption.
  6. Increased density.

How can we make an attractive safe and environment friendly city?

Best Practices for Green Cities

  1. Goals that are ambitious and well – defined with regular progress reports.
  2. Generating electricity using sustainable resources.
  3. Strict building codes that favor green technology.
  4. Investment in greener public transportation.
  5. Policies and efforts to drastically cut water consumption and waste.

How can we clean our city?

How to keep your city clean and hygienic

  1. Prevent littering and dispose garbage appropriately. Many of us have a terrible habit of disposing the garbage right on the spot where we are sitting or standing.
  2. Sort your Garbage. Sorting garbage appears to be a routine task or a tedious task?
  3. Uphold Hygiene.
  4. Re-Use and Re-cycle.

How do green cities help the environment?

As Scientific American noted, green cities “lessen their environmental impacts by reducing waste, expanding recycling, lowering emissions, increasing housing density while expanding open space, and encouraging the development of sustainable local businesses.” These cities are taking the basic tenets of sustainable …

What is the most green city in the world?


Why are green cities important?

A green city improves the environment, ensures rich biodiversity, reduces air pollution, ensures water storage, dampens noise and help cooling down in warm periods. Green is also essential for a climate-proof and sustainable environment.

What does sustainable living look like?

“Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources and personal resources. Practitioners of sustainable living often attempt to reduce their carbon footprint by altering methods of transportation, energy consumption, and diet.

How can green space affect health?

An increased availability of and access to green space could promote mental health by providing a calm, restorative, and serene refuge. Even by just visual access (i.e. viewing natural scenes), green space exposure could reduce stress and restore the ability to pay attention and concentrate.