What is a synonym for fault?

What is a synonym for fault?

SYNONYMS. defect, flaw, imperfection, snag. error, mistake, inaccuracy, oversight, blunder, gaffe, slip.

What is a antonym for homonym?

Finally, we come to heteronyms (“different name”), which are the opposite of homonyms. Those are words that are spelled the same, pronounced differently, and have different meanings.

What’s the meaning of fault?

noun. a defect or imperfection; flaw; failing: a fault in the brakes; a fault in one’s character. responsibility for failure or a wrongful act: It is my fault that we have not finished. an error or mistake: a fault in addition. a misdeed or transgression: to confess one’s faults.

What is the other term for reverse fault?

In this page you can discover 3 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reverse-fault, like: normal-fault, thrust-fault and overthrust fault.

What is a dip-slip?

Dip-slip faults are inclined fractures where the blocks have mostly shifted vertically. If the rock mass above an inclined fault moves down, the fault is termed normal, whereas if the rock above the fault moves up, the fault is termed reverse. A thrust fault is a reverse fault with a dip of 45 degrees or less.

Do dip slip faults cause tsunamis?

Whereas thrust faults experience vertical motion that can displace overlying water and produce tsunamis, movement on strike-slip faults is predominantly horizontal — with portions of tectonic plates grinding laterally past one another — and does not typically cause tsunamis.

Do all undersea earthquakes cause tsunami?

No, all earthquakes do not cause tsunamis. There are four conditions necessary for an earthquake to cause a tsunami: (1) The earthquake must occur beneath the ocean or cause material to slide in the ocean. (2) The earthquake must be strong, at least magnitude 6.5.

How long is a 9.0 earthquake?

About 15 to 20 minutes

Can a dog sense an earthquake?

Dogs have a wider hearing range and better scent detection than humans. Some scientists suggest that dogs can hear seismic activities that precede earthquakes (such as the scraping, grinding, and breaking of rocks underground).