What is a reflective learning statement?

What is a reflective learning statement?

Reflective statements are used to measure the outputs or value of learning, rather than the inputs or content. As a professional marketer we expect you to be able to determine the usefulness of the development you are undertaking and consider how it will enable you to improve your practice.

How do you write a CDA competency statement?

A statement of competency should describe your understanding and knowledge in one of the CDA Competency Goals, as well as demonstrate how you are competent to care for young children by giving specific examples of the things you do in your work with children and families. Write clear goals for each Functional Area.

What are the CDA competency standards?

The CDA Competency Standards are the national standards used to evaluate a caregiver’s performance with children and families during the CDA assessment process. The Competency Standards are divided into six Competency Goals, which are statements of a general purpose or goal for caregiver behavior.

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What are the 4 different areas of CDA?

CDA Subject Areas

  • Planning a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development.
  • Supporting children’s social and emotional development.
  • Building productive relationships with families.
  • Managing an effective program operation.
  • Maintaining a commitment to professionalism.

What are the six competency of the CDA?

These are the six Competency Goals: Competency Goal I: To establish and maintain a safe, healthy, learning environment. Competency Goal II: To advance physical and intellectual competence. Competency Goal III: To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance.

What is the competency standard?

Competency standard An industry-determined specification of performance, which sets out the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to operate effectively in employment.

How many CDA competencies are there?

six CDA Competency

How many questions is the CDA exam?