What is a passing grade in GGC?

What is a passing grade in GGC?

The minimum passing grade for most courses is the “D” grade. ENGL 1111, ENGL 1112, and MATH 1111 (or equivalent courses) must be passed with a minimum grade of “C.” Courses in Area F of the Common Core as well as all courses in the student’s major must be passed with a minimum grade of “C.”

What GPA is required for GGC?

2.00 GPA

How many credits do you need to be a sophomore at GGC?

30-74 Credit-hours (Sophomore / Junior)

How do I drop out of GGC?

Before the final drop/add date of each term, you may drop or add classes by logging in to your Banner account and choosing the option to drop. Drop/add dates may be found in the academic calendar.

Who is the dean of GGC?

Tyler T. Yu

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How do I access my GGC email?

Place your cursor in the Password field (the Password field will turn grey). Click the Sign-in at link. When the Log In window appears, enter your Claw Mail address and your GGC password. Click Log In.

What is Brightspace password?

Your Brightspace password is your CBE network pass​word. If you already set up a recovery email in your Student Password Hub profile, you can reset your own password. Talk to your teacher. School staff have access to tools to help you reset your passwords.

How do I register for classes at Georgia Gwinnett College?

You may search for classes that fit your schedule in the online class schedule. You will be required to log into Banner in order to actually register. All students must meet with their mentor prior to registering for classes.

What is a GGC on Instagram?

Hashtagging is used in Instagram to “connect” a variety of content. When an individual is on Instagram, they can do a search for topics or keywords.

Does GGC have online classes?

About eCore at GGC eCore is a USG collaborative program established to make higher education more accessible to Georgia students. Beginning Oct. 1, 2015, courses will be available in English, mathematics, science, history and the social sciences – taught entirely online – except for the occasional proctored exam.