What is a passing grade for CSN?

What is a passing grade for CSN?

To meet the quantitative requirement, the student’s completion ratio must be 67% or higher. For financial aid purposes, the following definitions and conditions apply: To earn hours at CSN, one must receive a grade of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D- or P.

How do I get started with CSN?

Limited Entry Health Sciences Programs

  1. Step 1: Complete Health Programs Orientation.
  2. Step 2: Make An Appointment With The Health Programs Advisor.
  3. Step 3: Meet With A Health Programs Advisor Every Semester.
  4. Step 4: Complete the Limited Entry Workshop.
  5. Step 5: Pay the Limited Entry Application Fee.

How do I apply for classes at CSN?

  1. How to Register for Classes in MyCSN.
  3. Click on the MyCSN tile.
  4. If required, enter your login credentials again.
  5. If you know what the class number is, enter it in the Enter Class Nbr field, then click on the Enter button and skip to step 8.
  6. Enter your search parameters.
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How can I get my nshe ID number?

Where can I find my TMCC/NSHE Student ID number? Your TMCC/NSHE Student ID number is provided to you in the admissions letter you received either by email or postal mail. Contact the Admissions and Records Office if you did not receive that information or can not locate it.

How do I get my nshe ID?

How can I retrieve it? If you have forgotten your NSHE ID, please call the OTS Help Desk at (702) 651-4357 (HELP) for assistance.

How do I start the Common App?

To start, applicants can go to and click on the “Apply now” button to get details about how to create an account and log in to work on an application through the platform. Students can download the Common App’s mobile app to keep track of deadlines, invite recommenders and set reminders.

How do I apply for CCSF free city?

You can apply for Free City by completing the one-page Free City Application, which is included within the online registration process in your myRAM Portal.

How much are summer classes at LACC?

The current rates are as follows: Fall/Winter (08/15/20 to 01/31/21): $761.00. Spring/Summer (02/01/21 to 08/14/21): $761.00.

What is a promise student?

The California Promise ​Program enables a specific number of campuses of the California State University (CSU) to establish pledge programs for entering first-time students who are both interested and able to complete baccalaureate degrees in four years. Participating campuses may stipulate other requirements as well.

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How do I apply for La promise?

Sign up for College Promise at LATTC

  1. Complete College Application for Admissions – Apply to LATTC through Open CCC application. Your Student ID # will be emailed to you in 2-3 business days.
  2. College Orientation.
  3. Meet with Counseling.
  4. Complete you Financial Aid application – FAFSA or CA Dream Act application, preferably before the March 2nd deadline.

Does ELAC offer free tuition?

The Los Angeles College Promise program at East Los Angeles College provides one year of free tuition to all first-time freshman with a California high school diploma or equivalency.

Who is eligible for LA College Promise?

Students must have completed 24 units (as of the start of their 2nd fall semester) and have a 2.0 gpa to be eligible to receive LA College Promise benefits for their 2nd year.

How can LA College Promise benefit you?

Important aspects of the Promise are waived tuition for the first two years of college, priority enrollment, additional financial support, and a dedicated support team providing a wide array of academic and student support services.