what is a nursing liberal?

You want to access the job of nurse status to liberal or an employee, the training course to follow is identical. It is important to obtain prior to a general degree, regardless of the chosen option (S, L or ES) or a bachelor of technology (STL or ST2S). All sectors of the bachelor’s degree can lead to studies nursing.

The 2nd mandatory step is the entry of the IFSI (Institute of Training in Nursing) which awards the diploma after 3 years of studies for a guaranteed access to the offer of employment nurse.

The entrance exam for the IFSI is open to high school graduates. Its success is subject to 2 tests :

  • a written test for eligibility, including a test of general culture and psychotechnic tests
  • an oral test for admission (in front of a jury of 3 professionals). It consists of a presentation on a topical health and social work, followed by a motivation interview.

These tests successful, you will be received at the IFSI for a period of 3 years of studies during which you alternerez lectures, tutorials (TD) in group and individual work (2.240 hours in total) and practical placements in hospitals or care facilities (2.300 hours in total).

Become a nurse graduate of State with your degree of the IFSI in your pocket, you can choose to become a nurse as a liberal. The only condition to justify a professional experience of 24 months – up to 3,200 hours of effective – over the last 6 years preceding your application for installation as a liberal.

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To be validated, these experiments will need to be performed in a health facility (public hospital or private) or in a different structure of care recognized. After you have to be registered to the National Order of Nurses, with the CPAM of your place of exercise, DRASS, we also recommend that you declare your activity to the CARPIMKO (pension fund and to the URSSAF).

To complete your efforts, don’t forget to subscribe to a liability insurance professional, to open a bank account professional and to change your vehicle insurance, you will be ready – on the administrative level – to become an independent nurse !

You are free to then carry out the job of nurse alone in your office, or in a group, in partnership with other nursing liberal or with other medical specialities (psychologists, general practitioners, etc).

Get clients without advertising (the latter not being allowed) needs to maintain a strong network with partners from the medical world. You will have all interest to make you know of the general practitioners, pharmacists, or other nursing neighbors to find opportunities in missions.

Please be aware that, as an independent nurse, you will need to make numerous trips to visit your patients, a middle-autonomous transport is therefore essential.

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If nurses prefer today to practice their craft as a nurse in liberal, their population would have doubled since the 90’s, bringing today their number some 80 000 nurses liberals.

Exercise its missions as a nurse in liberal, you can be recognized in his trade, and better manage their family life, freed of time constraints incurred.

On a financial plan, the independent nurse may, if it has an established customer base, win up to 3000€ net monthly, or even more, depending on the acts carried out, which is far from being negligible !