What is a care visit ?

An interesting question to a relatively controversial term!

Actually, for the benefit of the Person to be cared for thought, but, unfortunately, also often as an abusive action against the nursing staff of an institution used:

Positive: The maintenance visit is an Instrument for the quality management within a care facility. In a conversation with the care recipient, care will be discussed problems and resources, and then in the acts of the client. After the discussion, a diagnosis (nursing diagnosis) is performed about the current (nursing) state of the client. In the process of care diagnostics are developed and decisions for future care goals and the required measures to ensure that the care of people can be improved.

Negative: In some facilities (I write from my own experience) is the nursing visits specifically on the staff is “limited”. Here is not the abilities and problems of individuals will be perceived and attended to, but the work of the nurse rating. In some web forums are even reports about “spying” and bullying by care visits, because there is more control as to quality management. Very bad.. Nobody is perfect!

What is a care visit ?