What is 24-hour care for seniors?

Was ist 24-Stunden-Betreuung für Senioren?It is a fact that people are getting older and older. At some point, the elderly or the disabled, and ill people need more help than to give your relatives and friends in the location. This often means that the care needs to the needy in a nursing home or a retirement home to move. He is taken from his familiar environment and must change. The nursing staff in the homes can also guarantee that no absolutely individual attention. However, there is now a more affordable option, in the usual four walls of a care. 24 hours care is a possibility, the people in need of care in your trust environment by qualified staff to supervise.

24 Hours Care

24 hours support by Eastern European care workers or household helpers come from Poland and other countries of the EU in Eastern and Central Europe, is now being offered by many companies. The staff is employed by Polish employers, and is sent to the patient, in order to ensure on-site 24 hours a day for the care. The EU extension has a legal basis. If such a 24 hours support is claimed, acts to so, not as employers, but issued only one order. This does not relieve the speed of the Client from any and all authorities. Therefore, and also to insurance and taxes of the actual employer, i.e., the foreign nursing care.

To the extent of 24-hour care by, for example, a Polish nurse, the General care provided in the nursing care insurance. In addition, the supply of the budget. The patient is helped with personal care, from Washing over the dental care to the showers, and going to the toilet. When the food intake is also given. If the physician pending visits or just a walk is desired, To help the carer as well as when – or Drop the clothes and the Gang to bed. To do this, you supplied the budget, and will undertake the planning and the execution of the purchase.

In the costs of 24-hour care, in addition to the salary, the insurance, taxes and any applicable social charges included, as well as a care and handling fee. The price varies depending on the requirements of the carer and their qualifications.

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