What GPA do you need to get into CCP?

What GPA do you need to get into CCP?

An official high school transcript with an unweighted GPA of 3.2 or greater may satisfy placement into English 101 standalone (Level 6).

What is the average SAT score for Community College of Philadelphia?


Is enrollment the same as registration?

There is a difference between registration and enrollment. The process of signing up for courses is called registering. Students are charged tuition and fees when they register. Students are enrolled after they pay the tuition and fees.

Does enrolled mean accepted?

Admitted means a student is accepted into the university, and Enrolled is when an accepted student decides to study at that university. The two words are conditionally related. You MUST be admitted to be enrolled but if you are admitted you DON’T have to enroll at a particular university.

What is Enrolment date?

Enrolment Date means the date on which the Card is activated or when the Card is issued, whichever is later. Enrolment Date means the date of activation of the Card.

What does enrollment date mean?

The Enrollment Date represents the first day and time that an individual student can enroll for classes.

What is the process of enrollment?

Student enrollment is the process of arranging to attend an institution and specific classes. The enrollment process is completed after a student is granted admission to a particular school. Students can then select courses to take through their school’s online student information service.

What is correct Enrolment or enrollment?

Enrollment is a variation of the same word, applicable in all the same contexts and carrying all of the same meanings. Enrollment is standard in American English, whereas enrolment is standard in British English.

Does enrollment have 2 Ls?

Enrol and enroll are two variants of the same word. Enrol (with one L) is standard in British English. Enroll (with two L’s) is standard in American English. Both words mean the act of signing up for services or the number of people signed up for a given service.

What is another word for enrollment?

What is another word for enrollment?

registration enlistment
recruitment registry
acceptance accession
admission engagement
entrance entry

How do Canadians spell Enrol?

A faithful Wordlady reader has written to inquire whether “enrol” or “enroll” is the correct spelling in Canada. The Canadian Oxford Dictionary gives “enrol” as the headword with “enroll” as the variant, so, as with many things, both are correct.

Does Canadian English use British spelling?

Spelling In British, American And Canadian English Canadian spelling combines British and American rules and adds some domestic idiosyncrasies. For example, French-derived words such as “colour” or “centre” retain British spellings.

How do you spell honorable in Canada?

Canada. In Canada, while not enshrined in any legislation, the style of address in common use has some individuals referred to as The Honourable (French: l’honorable).

What is the correct spelling for Travelled?

Traveling or travelling depends on where is your audience. Traveling is the preferred spelling in the U.S. Travelling is the preferred spelling in the UK or in the Commonwealth. This American-British spelling difference carries for other forms: traveled or travelled and traveler or traveller.