What does RT mean after a name?

What does RT mean after a name?

registered radiologic technologist

What is RT after a name?

Radiologic Technologist, RT(R) – Hourly.

What does RT stand for in kinesiology?

RT/W stands for Resistance Training and Walking (exercise) Suggest new definition.

What does RT mean on prescription?

List of medical abbreviations: R

Abbreviation Meaning
R/t related to
RT radiotherapy respiratory therapy reverse transcriptase
RT-PCR reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction
RTA renal tubular acidosis

Does RT mean right eye?

That’s why I put together the following guide to help you decode your eyeglass prescription. This represents which eye the prescription is written for. Nowadays, these abbreviations are commonly being replaced by “RT” and “LT” because they’re easier to decipher (right eye and left eye, respectively).

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What is red flag in pharmacy?

Red flags are warning signs that may indicate a controlled substance prescription is not being obtained for legitimate medical purpose but rather for diversion or abuse. It is the pharmacist’s job to evaluate and interpret the seriousness of these warning signs.

What does RA stand for?

Rheumatoid arthritis

What does RA mean in school terms?

A resident assistant (also variously known as a house fellow, resident advisor, community assistant, resident mentor, residence don, peer advisor, community advisor, collegiate fellow, or senior resident), commonly shortened to RA, is a trained peer leader who coordinates activities in residence halls in colleges.

What does RA mean in school?

resident assistant

What does RA stand for in military?

Regular Army

What is a TOC in the army?

Provides commanders with standardized, mobile command posts with a tactical, fully-integrated, and digitized physical infrastructure to execute battle commands and achieve information dominance.

What does RA stand for in Navy?

RA in Military

4 RA Regular Army WW1, Army, Officer
2 RA Resource Advisor Politics, Technology, Department Of Defense
2 RA Risk Analysis Medical, Telecom, Aviation
1 RA Radar Altimeter Climatology, Meterology, Technology
1 RA Radio Altimeter Aviation, Telecom, Technology

What is CDC in military?

The child development center, or CDC, is a facility-based program that cares for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age. The centers typically operate Monday through Friday, during standard work hours year-round.

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Are people in the military healthy?

(Nov. 10, 2016) – The majority of people who have served in the U.S. military report being in very good or excellent health despite facing notable health challenges, including higher rates of cancer and coronary heart disease, than those who have not served (also referred to as civilians).

Is the CDC connected to the military?

Since its inception, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been involved in protecting the health of U.S. military personnel and veterans. In fact, CDC was established to address concerns about malaria among our troops during World War II.

Who is eligible for military child care?

A child must be a dependent of an eligible sponsor in order to enroll in any military child care program. The sponsor is a person with DoD-affiliation (e.g., Active Duty military, DoD Civilian). The sponsor’s DoD-affiliated status makes his/her dependent children eligible for military child care services.

Does military pay for child care?

If you are a member of the United States military, you may be eligible for Department of Defense child care fee assistance. Members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps may receive help paying for child care providers in the community where they live if they are unable to access care on their installation.

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What is DOD priority 1C?

Priority 1C – Military Members with a Part-Time Working Spouse or those with a Spouse Seeking Employment. Priority 1D – Military Members with a Spouse Enrolled Full-Time in a Post-Secondary Institution. Priority 2 – Single/Dual Department of Defense Civilians or with a Full-Time Working Spouse.

What is military care?

Sending a Military Care Package: What You Need to Know. Military care packages deliver a welcome piece of home to your service member while they’re away – whether that’s your child, fiancé, sibling or friend. They help both of you stay connected despite distance or duty.

What should I ask an army guy?

Military Voices Initiative: Great Questions

  • When were you drafted or when did you enlist?
  • What do you remember about the day you enlisted?
  • How did you tell your family and friends that you were joining the military?
  • If you enlisted, what were some of the reasons that you joined the military?
  • How did you imagine military life before you joined?