What does FOH and Hoh mean?

What does FOH and Hoh mean?

front of house

What is HOH in finance?

HOH stands for Half on Half (financial comparative of results for one half vs. same half previous year)

What is HOH in chemistry?

(chemistry) the molecular formula of hydrogen hydroxide.

What does HOH mean in restaurant?

Heart of House

What is FOH in texting?

F*** outta here A vulgar acronym that dismisses a person or a comment; commonly used when chatting or texting with someone and one person dislikes what the other person said; similar to GTFO.

Why do restaurants say 86?

Rotary phones had T on the 8 key and O on the 6 key, so to throw out (TO) something was to 86 it. Or it may have originally been a bartender’s term. Alcohol in the Old West was 100 proof. When a patron would get too drunk, the barkeep would serve him a less potent, 86 proof liquor, thereby 86’ing him.

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What does 86 it mean?

We won’t refuse you service. Eighty-six is slang meaning “to throw out,” “to get rid of,” or “to refuse service to.” It comes from 1930s soda-counter slang meaning that an item was sold out.

What does 68 mean in a restaurant?

Is There an Opposite for 86? Although this is nowhere near as common, the term 68 is sometimes used when a menu item is once again available.

Why do chefs say Heard?

Heard / Heard That When the chef is calling out tickets, the cooking staff will indicate they got their orders by saying “Heard!” or “Heard that!”

What are female chefs called?


What is a four top table?

Four-top. A four-top accommodates three to four people, with one plate and one drink per person. They are either round or square and 30 inches in diameter or length/width (square). A more formal service for four people would mean your four-top should be 36 inches round; or, if square, 34×34 inches or 30×48 inches.

What is a chef hat called?

A toque blanche (French for “white hat”), often shortened to toque, is a tall, round, pleated, starched white hat worn by chefs. The toque most likely originated as the result of the gradual evolution of head coverings worn by cooks throughout the centuries.

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Why do chefs not wear hats?

A hat is an essential part of a chefs apparel due to the risk of cross-contamination and it is believed that the wearing of a toque began possibly in the early 1700’s and originated from the cloth or stocking caps worn by French chefs around that time.

Why is chef hat so tall?

But why tall hats? Simply said, the height of the hat signifies the rank in the kitchen – just like papal hats represent class and standing. This is why the chef, since it’s the highest ranking in any kitchen, wears the tallest one.

Why do chefs hats have 100 pleats?

Pleated chef’s hats have a two-fold purpose. In the early days of the toque blanche, pleats would often represent how many recipes a chef had mastered. So, a chef with 100 pleats may know 100 different ways to boil an egg or prepare a chicken.

What do the pleats in a chef hat mean?

The pleats in a chef’s hat, back in the day, were said to represent the number of ways the chef wearing it could cook an egg — 100 pleats being the ultimate goal and badge of honor, denoting the skill, experience, and rank of the chef. As well as the pleats, the height of the hat was also important.

Why do chefs wear striped pants?

Checked chefs’ pants help hide stains and spills. While a chef can easily change jackets to keep a clean appearance, he can’t change pants very easily. Some chefs prefer to wear black, striped or colorfully patterned pants. Whatever the visual effect, the purpose is to hide the dirt.

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Why are chef hats shaped?

But why is the old-school chef’s hat, or toque, the shape that it is? The pleats in a chef’s hat, back in the day, were said to represent the number of ways the chef wearing it could cook an egg – 100 pleats being the ultimate goal and badge of honor, denoting the skill, experience, and rank of the chef.

Why do chef coats have 2 rows of buttons?

Chef Jackets, Pants & Neckerchiefs Were Originally Not About Fashion. There are two rows of buttons, so the chef can cook with the jacket buttoned on the second row, then, if meeting clients or customers, re-button to the first row to hide stains from cooking. Many chefs jackets are also reversible.

Can anyone wear a chef coat?

Dishwashers wear chef jackets.. you can wear it. Just don’t get Chef Ruth put on it and you won’t be stepping on any toes. It’s just a uniform. If you feel wierd wearing the white coat then get a pretty colored one.

Why do chefs wear different colored jackets?

Certain colours do serve a practical purpose—for instance: white signifies hygiene and cleanliness, helps repel heat from the kitchen and is seen as classic or traditional. black can hide stains and enables establishments to have their chefs working in open kitchens exposed to diners’ eyes.