What does BrightView Senior Living pay?

What does BrightView Senior Living pay?

Brightview Senior Living Salaries

Job Title Salary
Vibrant Living Assistant salaries – 12 salaries reported $17/hr
Resident Assistant salaries – 9 salaries reported $14/hr
Activity Director salaries – 9 salaries reported $53,034/yr
Certified Nursing Assistant CNA salaries – 9 salaries reported $16/hr

How many Brightviews are there?

Today, Brightview Senior Living builds, owns, and operates 45 senior living communities across eight states.

How long has BrightView been around?


Who is the biggest landscaping company?

2019 Lawn & Landscape Top 100:

2019 Rank Company Employees
1 BrightView 22,000
2 TruGreen Cos. 13,504
3 The Davey Tree Expert Company 9,500
4 Bartlett Tree Experts 2,000

What did BrightView landscaping used to be?

After their merger, the combined companies will be called BrightView. The world’s largest landscape company will be called BrightView, Lawn & Landscape has learned.

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How many locations does BrightView landscaping have?

220 branches

Who is the CEO of BrightView landscaping?

Pat Velasco (Jul 21, 2016–)

Who did BrightView landscape buy?


Is BrightView a good company to work for?

Recommended for first job seekers. I had an excellent time working at Brightview with my crew team. The work is worth it and fulfilling however. The people are great, the culture is great, benefits are offered for everyone and safety is #1.

How many acquisitions has BrightView?

10 Acquisitions

Who bought ValleyCrest?

KKR, which owns the Brickman Group, will purchase a majority share in ValleyCrest Landscape Cos. from MSD Capital. Combined, the two landscape firms will have nearly $2 billion in revenue, employ 22,700 people and cover every major U.S. market.

Who owns Valley Crest Landscape?

The company will continue to maintain its primary locations in Rockville, MD and Calabasas, CA. The merger, which is subject to customary closing conditions, is expected to close by mid-2014. Brickman is currently owned by KKR, and ValleyCrest is currently owned by affiliates of MSD Capital, L.P.

What’s the biggest landscape company in the United States?

2021 Lawn & Landscape Top 100:

2021 Rank Company Employees
1 BrightView 21,000
2 TruGreen 13,570
3 The Davey Tree Expert Company 10,300
4 Yellowstone Landscape 4,270
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What happened Valley Crest?

unveiled their new name as BrightView. The companies, located in Rockville, Md., and Calabasa, Calif., respectively, merged in June to form a $2 billion firm with 22,000 employees.

Who bought Valley Crest?