What determines the fate of a star?

What determines the fate of a star?

A star’s mass largely determines its fate; chemical composition plays a smaller role. Stars with mass similar to the Sun will end up as white dwarfs — cores of carbon and oxygen with hydrogen- or helium-dominated atmospheres — after their outer layers of gas are lost as stellar superwinds.

How do we determine the age of a star cluster?

By determining the mass of the main-sequence turnoff stars, we get the age of the cluster. The cluster age equals the main-sequence lifetime of the turnoff stars. This is one of the ways we have studied the age of the Universe and the formation history of the Galaxy.

What happens to the star’s mass as it ages?

Mass Loss from Red-Giant Stars and the Formation of Planetary Nebulae. And it can lose still more mass when it ascends the red-giant branch for the second time. As a result, aging stars are surrounded by one or more expanding shells of gas, each containing as much as 10–20% of the Sun’s mass (or 0.1–0.2 MSun).

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What determines the luminosity color and fate of a star?

A star’s luminosity – its absolute magnitude – depends on its temperature and size, i.e. if we know a star’s luminosity and can measure its temperature, we can also calculate its size.

Why is a star brightest at its coolest?

In a star like the sun it takes photons a million or more years to escape from their star. As fusion reaches it’s end the star expands and cools , this allows many more photons escape . Space is awash with these photons and the star is very bright because of it.

Which color star is the coolest?

Red stars

Which star is hotter Mira or the sun?

Mira is hotter and bluer but intrinsically fainter than the Sun.

What is the hottest star type?

O stars are the hottest, with temperatures from about 20,000K up to more than 100,000K. These stars have few absorption lines, generally due to helium. These stars burn out in a few million years. B stars have temperatures between about 10,000 and 20,000K.

Which star is least hottest?

Spectral types are named with a letter. The seven main types are M, K, G, F, A, B and O. M stars are the coldest stars and O stars are the hottest.

What color is the hottest star on the HR diagram?

hot blue stars

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Is there a red star in the sky?

Mars Viewing: Planet Makes Close Approach to Earth in April Mars will be at its brightest and best fiery red color. Now is a good time to start watching for Mars in the night sky. Mars will look like a bright red star, although it shines with a steadier light than the twinkling stars.

What is hottest color of fire?


Is blue or purple fire hotter?

As things heat up and combustion becomes more complete, flames turn from red to orange, yellow and blue. And purple color is combination of red & blue color it means that blue fire is more hotter than purple fire. At hotter temperatures, the flame color moves into the blue-violet end of the visible spectrum.

Are black flames the hottest?

The color of a fire can change based on what is burning. If you found a chemical or element that burned with a very dark flame (though very likely not ever black), you could have a flame that was quite dark. In this case, the flame would not necessarily be any hotter or cooler than any other.

Are purple flames the hottest?

Thus the colors of light with the highest frequency will have the hottest temperature. From the visible spectrum, we know violet would glow the hottest, and blue glows less hot. A fire will start to glow red at first, which is the lowest temperature of light waves.

What is purple fire called?

Flame colorants

Color Chemical
Green Copper(II) sulfate, boric acid
Blue Copper(I) chloride, butane
Violet 3 parts potassium sulfate, 1 part potassium nitrate (saltpeter)
Blue/light violet Potassium chloride
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What is the coldest flame color?


What is blue fire called?

With complete combustion, methane burns with a blue flame color (natural gas blue flame) and burns at a temperature of around 1,960°C.

What burns with a green flame?

Copper chloride: Makes a blue flame. Lithium chloride: Makes a pink flame. Copper sulfate: Makes a green flame. Sodium chloride: Makes an orange flame.

Are green flames dangerous?

A slightly rich mixture that “greens” the blue part of the flame might mean a bit more carbon monoxide coming off your stove top, but it shouldn’t be dangerous. Green flame can be caused by copper salts or corroded copper parts contaminating the flame with copper ions.

What is green fire called?

Wildfire is a volatile, flammable liquid which can burn for a long time once set on fire. It is created by the Alchemists’ Guild, who refer to it as the substance and keep its recipe a close-guarded secret. Wildfire has a green flame when it burns. Wildfire is said to be a close cousin to dragonflame.

What color flame is potassium?


Why does potassium burn purple?

The cream of tartar yielded a purple-colored flame. Purple is associated with the presence of potassium (K). That’s because cream of tartar is a potassium salt. In that downward transition, energy is released as a photon of light at a specific wavelength of color.

Does salt change the color of fire?

It’s easy to make colored fire at home in the fireplace or a campfire. All you need to do is sprinkle on a salt to color the flames….List of Flame Colorant Chemicals.

Color Chemical
Orange Calcium Chloride (a bleaching powder)
Yellow Sodium Chloride (table salt) or Sodium Carbonate