What are the three steps to making a reflection?

What are the three steps to making a reflection?

Step 1: Take notice & describe the experience – description of evidence.Step 2: Analyse the experience – implications of your decisions, actions, and reactions.Step 3: Take Action – Reflect on what you learned and how you will use this learning.

How do you develop self reflection?

If you have found yourself making these same excuses, you can become more reflective by practicing a few simple steps.Identify some important questions. But don’t answer them yet. Select a reflection process that matches your preferences. Schedule time. Start small. Do it. Ask for help.

What does personal reflection mean?

‘ As is the case with most reflective writing, a Personal Reflection is a response to a particular stimulus. Often, it is written by an individual to explore personal experiences, feelings and events. A personal reflection is an opportunity to reconsider events, thoughts and feelings from a fresh perspective.

What do you talk about in a reflection?

What Do I Say in My Reflection?You might share something you did that was new and exciting or something you are particularly proud of.You can also reflect on something you did that you wouldn’t do again, somewhere where maybe you fell short of your commitment to yourself.