What are the factors that affect the rate of soil erosion?

What are the factors that affect the rate of soil erosion?

The rate and magnitude of soil erosion by water is controlled by the following factors:

  • Rainfall and Runoff.
  • Soil Erodibility.
  • Slope Gradient and Length.
  • Cropping and Vegetation.
  • Tillage Practices.
  • Sheet Erosion.
  • Rill Erosion.
  • Gully Erosion.

What are the two major types of soil erosion?

Therefore, we can talk of two types of soil erosion viz., water erosion and wind erosion.

What is soil erosion and explain its types?

The loss of soil cover due to natural agents like wind and running water is called soil erosion. Types of Soil Erosion : (i) Sheet Erosion : When the top layer of the soil is removed over a large area by the running water, it is called as sheet erosion. (ii) Rill Erosion : This is the second stage of sheet erosion

What are the prevention of soil erosion?

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  • Vegetation:
  • Applying Mulches:
  • Matting the soil:
  • Building retaining walls:
  • Turning Hill Side into Terrace or Contour Farming:
  • Bunding:
  • Reduce Watering:
  • Avoid Soil Compaction:

What are the methods of controlling soil erosion?

Five main techniques that can help in controlling soil erosion are as follows: (i) Contour Farming (ii) Strip Cropping (iii) Terracing (iv) Gully Reclamation (v) Shelter Belts!

What are three dangers of soil erosion?

These impacts include compaction, loss of soil structure, nutrient degradation, and soil salinity. These are very real and at times severe issues. The effects of soil erosion go beyond the loss of fertile land.

What are the three main causes of soil erosion?

The agents of soil erosion are the same as the agents of all types of erosion: water, wind, ice, or gravity. Running water is the leading cause of soil erosion, because water is abundant and has a lot of power.